By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. Isaac Milum, a long resident on Crooked Creek and who is dead now, dictated the following to W. L. Ridinger and the latter sent the account to the writer in a letter at Protem, Missouri, which was received on the 31 of January, 1895. "Elias Willbright lived in the center of Bakers Prairie just north of where Harrison,, Boone County, Arkansas, now is. One day in 1863 Mr. Willbright was called out on his porch by a mounted man who was well armed who after giving him a severe abuse while holding a pistol in his hand, then the blood thirsty man leveled his pistol at Willbright and shot him down in the presence of his family. These horrible murders were very common in the northwest part of Arkansas during the war between the states, "said Mr. Milum.

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