By S. C. Turnbo

One day in the year 1895 Mr. W. L. Ridinger who lives near Harrison, Arkansas, gathered the following sad account from Mr. Isaac Milum, an early resident of Crooked Creek. Mr. Ridinger sent the story to me in a letter to my address when I lived near Protem, Taney County, Missouri. The letter read thus, "Mr. Milum related to me how James Deshazzo who lived one mile and a half east of where the town of Harrison now is. When the Civil War was at great heat or in 1863 a bunch of bandits rode up to Deshazzo’s yard fence one night and after dismounting they called to Deshazzo to come out and give them directions how to go to a certain place for they had become bewildered in the dark and did not know where they were. Though they had not called his name but he believed they were telling the truth and the unsuspecting man went out at the door onto the porch to direct the pretenders how to got when they shot him down by the light of the fire that was in the fireplace. The unfortunate man never spoke after he fell."

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