By S. C. Turnbo

Jess Rhodes, an old time resident of southern Missouri whose home is near Dit Post Office in Taney County, has this to say of the killing of men during the great bloody strife of 1861-5. "In 1860 we left Pulaski County, Missouri, and settled near Bay Post Office in Douglas County. I remember," said Mr. Rhodes, "that Jess Cornelison was called out of his house one day and killed. Zack Scribner was also called out and shot down. Joe Lyon was killed in his yard while he was sitting on a stump; his assasin crept up near the house and shot him. John Applegate was taken away by a band of men and never heard of him anymore but his hat was found in the woods two miles from home. Applegate was a union man. The sentiments of Scribner was southern. These men lived on the beautiful stream of Little Beaver Creek except Lyons and he lived at Lyon’s Mill on Big Beaver."

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