By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. Rila Mullen informed me that he was acquainted with a boy of the name of Zeb Lot who lived in Fulton County, Ark., who killed a deer without a gun one morning when he had went out on the range to drive in the work oxen. When the boy had got about a quarter of a mile from the house he noticed a deer lying down in a bunch of bushes asleep. Stooping down he picked up a stone and advanced toward the sleeping animal like a cat creeping on its prey and on getting close enough without alarming the deer he hurled the rock at it and struck the animal on the back of its head and stunned it and before the deer had time to recover from the shock, Zeb snatched up another stone and rushed up to the prostrate form of the animal and leaped on it and pounded it on the head with the stone until the deer was dead and ran back to the house to tell his father the joyful news. Zeb was a greatly pleased boy and was just 11 years old then.

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