By S. C. Turnbo

"I can give you a little tale of deer, " said Mr. Peter Keesee, son of Paton Keesee. "One evening in the late spring of 1865 I was with a detachment of mounted men under the command of my brother, Lieut. Paton Keesee. We belonged to Capt. Wm. Piland’s company and were sent out as a scouting party. On the evening mentioned we stopped on Lick Creek which flows into Big Creek and which is just over the line in Ozark County, Mo., and halted and camped. At night we hobbled our horses on the grass and allowed them to graze all night. On the following morning early we began rounding up the horses and got in among a bunch of young fawns. The boys now quit the horses and raced after the fawns and after hard running and hurrahing we succeeded in capturing 5 of them which we marked their ears and set them free again."

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