By S. C. Turnbo

In relating accounts of early day fire hunting on White River in Marion County, Ark., Jim Hogan of Isabella, Mo., furnishes this story. "One night," said he, "I and the old man Calvin Hogan and Willie Hackworth went fire hunting together for deer and killed 5 of them. We started from the Cal Hogan farm on White River below the village of Oakland and floated down to the mouths of the two Sister Creek a distance of 5 miles. I attended to the torch and kept it replenished. Hackworth guided the canoe and Cal Hogan done the shooting at the game. A strange thing to me on that night’s hunt was that Hogan shot one of the deer he killed 5 times without its moving an inch. After the 5th shot the deer walked through the water to the shore where it fell dead. An investigation showed that each of the 5 bullets had passed entirely through the deer’s body.’’

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