By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. Simon Herrean related the following little items of hunting to me one day in May, 1895. "The biggest bunch of deer I ever saw was 50 in the hills between Little North Fork and Big Creek. I also saw 20 deer together on two occasions. One of these bunches was in the glade where the Protem and Langs Ferry passes through before going down the hill into the hollow that leads to Elbow Creek in Taney County, Mo. The other bunch was in the creek bottom of Shoal Creek and just above where the town of Protem now is. The biggest deer hide I ever sold in market I took it off of a buck that I shot on the top of the McVey Bald Hill east of Big Creek in Ozark County, Mo. I sold this hide at Rolla, Mo., and received on 20 cents per pound for it. The hide weighed 14 ¾ pounds and brought me $2.95," said Mr. Herrean.

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