By S. C. Turnbo

In relating stories of combats between dogs and vicious wolves Mr. Fie Snow, stepson of Jimmie Forest, give me the following account. "Soon after Mose Lantz settled on Brattons Spring Creek in Ozark County, Mo., a big pack of wolves paid him a visit one night and attacked a bunch of hogs and killed several. Pleas McCollough and his son Alex McCollough and Jess Lantz was at Mose Lantz’ that night. While the hogs were rallying the men called the dogs and rushed toward the wolves to drive them away and the result was a big fight took place between the dogs and wolves, and it did not take the vicious wolves long to dispose of two dogs and wound another one. When the wolves had done all the harm that lay in their power they gave up the fight and retreated without the loss of one of their number."

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