By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. Brice Milum, a pioneer settler of Marion County, Ark., said that while he lived on Crooked Creek near where Powell is now he shot and killed three deer while standing in one spot. "I remember killing a doe in 1847," said he, "that weighed 110 pounds dressed." In relating peculiar incidents of hunting Mr. Milum said that he once saw a fine buck standing quietly within rifle range; he shot, and at the report of the gun the deer ran away. Thinking he might have wounded it, he went to see if there were any blood stains on the ground. To his surprise there lay a dead deer within a few feet of where the one was standing that he shot at. "There was no question in my mind," said he, "that I had shot at one deer and killed another."

Mr. Milum was once an active hunter and as he related this brief story his eye fairly shone with delight as it called to his memory the happy pioneer days in Arkansas.

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