By S. C. Turnbo

Among my collection of freaks is an account given me by Fielden H. Holt, who died at Protem, Mo., in the early part of the year 1902. Mr. Holt told me this more than five years before his death; in relating the story he said that one day in 1841 while Harrison Philpot was hunting on the Barren Fork of Little North Fork in Ozark County, Mo., he shot and killed a strange looking deer. The animal had no hair on its body, head or legs. It was covered entirely with a thick coat of blue fur. I did not see the deer, but I saw the hide on several occasions. My uncle Herred Holt bought this hide from Philpot and carried it with him to Cannon County, Tenn., to show my grandfather, Fielden Holt, and others and they all pronounced it to be a great curiosity. Whether it was only a freak or belonged to another species of deer no one seemed to know," said Mr. Holt.

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