By S. C. Turnbo

Although this did not occur in the region of the Ozark hills but it seems so interesting that I give it a place here. Mr. George Beasly, a former resident of Ozark County, Mo., now of the Indian Territory, informed me that while he lived in Jackson County, Illinois, he one day while he was hunting in the river bottom on the Mississippi River he shot and killed three stocking legged deer. A doe and two yearling fawns. The legs of the doe was white up to the knees and hocks. One of the yearling deer had three white legs to the knees, two forelegs and the right hand leg. One foreleg of the other yearling deer was white up to the knee. Mr. Beasly said that on another occasion he shot and killed another deer in the same locality that had 5 points of horns on each beam. I thought this deer was a buck but it proved to be a doe," I state this as Mr. Beasly told me which he said was entirely true.

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