By S. C. Turnbo

An incident of hunting in Ozark County, Mo., was told me by Simon Herrean who said that on one occasion while he was hunting in the hills on the west side of Little North Fork near the mouth of Lower Turkey Creek he stopped at a post oak tree to rest himself and while seated there he plucked a blade of grass and began to call for a deer by imitating the bleat of a fawn. "I had hardly commenced making the noise when a doe ran up to the tree from the opposite side of the tree from where I was seated. The deer took me on surprise for I was not expecting a deer to get so close to me so suddenly. I leaped up and pointed the muzzle of my gun at her and fired as quick as I could and missed the mark. The deer was as much astonished as I was and as it wheeled to run its breast came in contact with the muzzle of my empty gun and came near knocking the gun from my hands. After the deer run near 20 paces from me it stopped and looked back at me like a mule and then ran off out of sight of me."

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