By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. Tomps McCracken in relating his experience and observations in the forests of Marion County, Ark., since 1851 says that a man who has lived in the Ozark region many years can tell something that might be of interest and worth relating. "The largest number of deer I ever saw in one bunch," said he, "was one day while I and Joel Northcut and John King were going to Daniel Wickersham’s mill on Mill Creek south of Yellville. We were in an old wagon drawn by oxen and while we were passing along on Lee’s Mountain we noticed a bunch of deer approaching the road in front of us. We halted the oxen and sit in the wagon and counted the deer while they were crossing the road and found there were 45 of them. They were traveling in double and single file. The eight of these deer as they were crossing the road and passing from view was delightful to our eyes," said Mr. McCracken.

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