By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. Dallas Hart, who came from the state of Kentucky to Ozark County, Mo., in 1871 and married Miss Emilene Friend, tells of seeing a fine bunch of deer in the Brushy Hollow that empties into Cedar Creek below Dugginsville. "The deer gave me no opportunity to count them," said Mr. Hart, "but there were no more than 75 of them. I was afoot and had my gun with me and stood and watched them awhile and noticing an unusually large buck among them I shot and wounded him. At the report of the gun he leaped against another deer and knocked it down. The other deer took fright at this and ran away, the buck going in an opposite direction. I followed him two miles, but did not succeed in capturing him." Mr. Hart died on his farm just west of Dugginsville and is buried in the graveyard on his land.

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