By S. C. Turnbo

George Simmons, who died near Peel, Ark., in the month of December, 1903, and is buried in the cemetery there, was a son of James Simmons and was born on the Hack Snapp farm opposite Forsyth, Mo., August 1, 1848. His father died in 1858 and is buried in the cemetery at Lead Hill, Ark. He came from North Carolina to Taney County, Mo., when he was a young man and married Miss Catherine Nave, sister of Jake, John and Abe Nave. After the death of James Simmons his widow married a man by the name of Stroud and in 1860 they lived on the old Allin Lucas place below the mouth of Little Buck Creek in the northwest part of Marion County, Ark. George Simmons said that one day while he was hunting on Long Bottom Creek the left prong of which has its source at Peel, he counted 50 deer in one group. ""I approached in less than 60 yards of them before they commenced scattering. By this you know I was not a good hunter or I would have killed one before they got away."" George Simmons’’ wife was Margarette Anderson, daughter of Pew Anderson.

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