July 2014

07/24/2014 Batman 75th Anniversary Celebration July 26 at Library Center and Republic Branch Library
07/14/2014 “Donkey Dolittle” Book Signing July 26 at Republic Branch Library
07/14/2014 Aimee DuFresne “Keep Going” Book Signing July 26 at Library Station
07/14/2014 Springfield’s Urban Histories: A Community’s Unexplored Past’ July 26 at Library Center
07/04/2014 Raise the Woof! Raffle: Help a Deserving Pup and Raise the Roof for the ReNew Brentwood Campaign
07/02/2014 “Changing America” Exhibit and Series, Includes Brown v. Board of Education Family July 31 at Central High School
06/18/2014 Library Board of Trustees Approves $20.182 Million 2014-15 Budget
06/18/2014 MaryAnn Ruyle “Heartstrings” Book Signing June 21 at Library Station
06/18/2014 Timothy Koch “I. Town” Book Signing June 20 at Brentwood Branch Library and Library Center
06/04/2014 Crystal Owonubi “Peace in an Unlikely Place” Book Signing June 7 at Library Center
05/30/2014 Pardon Our Dust and Detours at the Library Center in June
05/29/2014 Need a Passport? Now You Can Apply for One at the Library Center
05/28/2014 Annual Juneteenth Celebration at Midtown Carnegie Branch June 14
05/28/2014 "Bold, Dashing and Daring:" The Civil War Adventures of Maj. Frank J. White’ June 25 at Library Center
05/23/2014 Ultimate Cheapskate Jeff Yeager Coming to Midtown Carnegie Branch June 21
05/12/2014 Celebrate the Summer Reading Program with Kick-off Activities May 24
05/09/2014 Dr. Linda Barboa and Elizabeth Obrey “Stars in Her Eyes” Book Signing May 17 at Library Center
05/09/2014 Learn to Prevent Crime at Your Business May 30 at Library Station
05/09/2014 Byron Biggers Band in Concert May 30 at Brentwood Branch Library
05/05/2014 Need Help with Mower or Car Repair? The Library Can Help
05/05/2014 Friends of the Library Sale Hits $121,309.60
04/18/2014 World War I Project Gets Boost with $108,678 in Grants
03/18/2014 Tweets, Friend Requests & Hashtags: Parenting in the Digital Age
03/05/2014 Spring Break Movie Marathon for Kids March 10 and 14 at Library Center
03/04/2014 Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Offered March 8 at Libraries
02/28/2014 Sheila Temple Book Signing March 1 at Library Center
02/14/2014 Celebrate Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day with the Library
02/13/2014 Comments Invited About Midtown Carnegie Branch Library
02/13/2014 Darla Noble “All My Love, George” Book Signing Feb. 22 at Library Center
02/04/2014 Library’s Food for Fines Nets 7,172 Pounds for Food Bank
01/29/2014 Kevin Shell “Forsaken” Book Signing Feb. 8 at Library Center
01/16/2014 Provide Help for Hungry and Whittle Away Your Fines During Food For Fines Jan. 26-Feb. 1
01/08/2014 Earl Grunden “The Quest” Book Signing Jan. 18 at Library Center
01/02/2014 Susan Stevens “With Ridiculous Caution” Book Signing Jan. 11 at Library Center
12/09/2013 Joyce C. Ragland and Ellen Gray Massey Book Signings Dec. 21 at Library Center
12/09/2013 Courthouse Chorale to Sing at Midtown Carnegie Branch Dec. 16
12/06/2013 Alan Bailey’s “Louie G” Book Signing Dec. 14 at Library Center
12/06/2013 Art on the Wild Side Makes a Show at December Library Displays
12/06/2013 Friends of the Library Present Winter Concerts to Warm You Up
12/06/2013 Enjoy Holiday Concerts Dec. 8 and 11; Learn About Smartphones and E-readers at Library Programs
12/02/2013 Town Halls with Rep. Jeff Messenger Canceled Dec. 10-11
11/26/2013 Health Insurance Plan Sign-up Offered at Libraries
11/19/2013 Rep. Jeff Messenger Plans Town Hall Meetings at Libraries
11/13/2013 The Library’s Holiday Store: Where Kids Go to Shop
11/07/2013 Love Foreign Languages? Love Movies? Come to a Party Nov. 22
11/07/2013 Brandy Pollack “D-Card” Book Signing Nov. 16 at Library Center
11/07/2013 LaVonne Perske and Shahara Hughes “Malignant Manipulation” Book Signing Nov. 16 at Library Station
11/04/2013 Erin Gray Named New Republic Branch Library Manager
10/29/2013 Friends of the Library 2013 Fall Book Sale Hits $125,218.74
10/18/2013 Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale Oct. 22-27 at Remington's
10/16/2013 Peter Longley Book Signing Oct. 26 at Library Center
10/15/2013 Halloween Fun at the Library
10/11/2013 Friends of the Library Annual Fall Book Sale Coming Oct. 22-27
10/07/2013 Grant Extends Discovery Center Pass Program Through Sept. 2014; Discuss Community Issues at Food For Thought
10/02/2013 Linda Thomas “Island Out of Radar” Book Signing Oct. 12 at Library Center
10/01/2013 Help Available at Library Center for Health Insurance Plan Shoppers
09/27/2013 Three Upcoming Programs Shine Spotlight on WWII Veterans and History
09/26/2013 Velma Merritt ‘River of Love’ Book Signing Sept. 28 at Library Center
09/26/2013 Pat Lamb "When the Starts Fall Down" Book Signing Oct. 5 at Library Center
09/20/2013 WWII Symposium Answers: What Did You Do in the War, Grandpa?
09/13/2013 Food for Thought Series Oct. 3, 10 and 17 Mixes Dinner and Discussion
09/10/2013 Popular Free Discovery Center Pass Program Renews Oct. 1
09/09/2013 Join us for Wordfest, a celebration of Words – Written, Spoken, Sung
09/04/2013 Tickets Sales Begin Sept. 9 for “Edwardian Evening” With Author and Touch of “Downton Abbey”
09/04/2013 Kenneth Cole "Depression-era Cave Dweller to Rocket Scientist" Book Signing Sept. 14
09/04/2013 Robin Tracy "Eyes Without a Face" Book Signing Sept. 14 at Library Center
08/28/2013 Larry Wood “Murder & Mayhem in Missouri” Book Signing Sept. 7 at Library Center
08/26/2013 Join the MSU Community Read at Library Book Discussions
08/19/2013 Patrons Can Borrow More Movies, Audiobooks, Music with Hoopla
08/14/2013 Mike Stroder “Pulled Brain Muscle” Book Signing Aug. 24 at Library Center
08/14/2013 Joyce Wold’s “Grayson Gorilla Learns to Grin” Book Signing Aug. 21 at Library Center
08/14/2013 Adam K. Nelson “Learning to Live” Book Signing Aug. 24 at Library Center
08/12/2013 Library Sponsors Useful Workshop for Nonprofits
08/02/2013 Mark Your Calendar: Friends of the Library Cookbook Sale Aug. 9-10 at Library Center; Brentwood Block Party Aug. 11 at Brentwood Branch Library
07/17/2013 Friends of the Library Plan Cookbook Sale Aug. 9-10 at Library Center
07/09/2013 One-Stop Shop for Businesses and Nonprofits Demonstrated at July 22 Open House at Library Center
07/09/2013 Ethan Bryan “Striking Out ALS” and “Run Home & Take a Bow” Book Signing July 20
07/03/2013 Military Veterans Put Memories into Words
07/03/2013 Michelle Goldsberry "Life Series: First Day" Book Signing July 13 at Library Center
07/01/2013 Turning Points -- The American Civil War in 1863 Series July 10-21 at Library Center
06/28/2013 Library and Summer Reading Program Help Children of All Abilities with Reading Skills
06/24/2013 'Fun in the Mud with Dallas Jones' June 29 at Brentwood Branch Library and Library Center
06/20/2013 Debra Canter "Don't Forget the Siblings" Book Signing June 29 at Library Center
06/17/2013 ‘Science Nerd Night: Experimental Fun for the Whole Family!’ June 26 at Library Center
06/17/2013 'I Dig Steam Engines!' June 28 at Steam Engine Grounds
06/17/2013 Show Me Poetry June 27, July 25 and August 22 at Park Central Branch Library
06/17/2013 Prepare to Care: How to Create a Caregiving Plan June 22 at Library Station
06/12/2013 Perry Posey “Buffalo Gal” Book Signing June 22 at Library Center
06/03/2013 ‘I Dig the Ice Age!’ June 21 at Missouri Institute of Natural Science
06/03/2013 “My Child Can Read” Parent Mentoring Group June 13, July 2 and 18 at Area Libraries
05/31/2013 'The Pirates of Reading Island featuring Oh My Gosh Josh from Circus Kaput' June 5-6 at Area Libraries and Other Locations
05/31/2013 ‘Extra! Extra! Read All About It’ Music Therapy Programs Help Kids with Literacy Skills
05/31/2013 'Over There: Missouri and the Great War' Display and Digitization Project Document Missouri’s WWI History
05/31/2013 ‘Stories with Your Legislators’ This Summer at Area Libraries
05/30/2013 Library Awarded $6,000 Grant for The Big Read 2014
05/30/2013 Learn to Create Safer Libraries at Business Watch Training
05/24/2013 Expanded Collection of Hobby and Craft Books Captures All Interests
05/15/2013 Geezer Returns for Spring Concert May 18 at Library Center
05/03/2013 Friends of the Library Spring Sale Tops $115,488
05/02/2013 Partners Team Up To Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Home for Library Project
04/30/2013 S.J. McMillan “City of Gods: The Descendant” Book Signing May 11 at Library Station
04/30/2013 Some Kinds of Love: Stories, Author Talk with Steve Yates May 13 at Library Center
04/26/2013 Author Dan Brown Stars in Live Stream Event at Libraries
04/22/2013 Get Quick Online Answers with Live Chat and Live Text
04/18/2013 “Book Givers” Will Spread Love of Reading During World Book Night April 23
04/15/2013 Let Edgar Allan Poe Inspire You: Join The Big Bleed
04/15/2013 See “Beautiful Creatures” Series Co-author Margaret Stohl April 30
04/10/2013 Budget Experts and Penny Pinchers Present Money Smart Week April 20-27
04/10/2013 Huge Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale April 23-28
04/10/2013 Ursula Gorman “Old Acquaintances” and “The Best of Us” Book Signing April 13 at Library Center
04/05/2013 Partners Team Up To Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Home for Library Project
03/01/2013 CU Bus Stop Moves from Library Center to Street March 4; Library Center Roofing Project Begins March 7
03/01/2013 Kids and Teens: Catch a Movie, Games and Parties during Spring Break at the Library
02/27/2013 Teen Poetry Workshops and Performance with MO Poetry Slam Springfield March 9, 21 and 30 and April 11 at Area Libraries
02/22/2013 Mid-America Singers Will Fill Library Center with Sound of Music
02/07/2013 2013 Food For Fines Program Collects Almost 4 Tons of Food
01/18/2013 Get Real Answers from Real Librarians with Live Chat and Live Text
01/17/2013 Mike Stroder “Pulled Brain Muscle” Book Signing Jan. 26 at Library Center
01/10/2013 Joshua Yates "Radical: An American's Plan for REAL Change" Book Signing Jan. 19 at Library Center
01/02/2013 Library's Food For Fines Week Returns Jan. 27-Feb. 2
12/31/2012 1863 Battle of Springfield, Marmaduke’s Raid & Emancipation Proclamation – Library Series Explores Missouri’s Role in the Civil War
12/28/2012 Dake Wells Architecture Chosen to Design Brentwood Branch Library Renovation
12/20/2012 Kids’ Fun, Fishin’ Magicians, Music and Poetry Slam Headline First Night Events at Park Central Branch Dec. 31
12/06/2012 "Book Givers" Sought to Spread Love of Reading On World Book Night U.S. 2013 with the Library
11/30/2012 “Chanukah Night Life” Book Signing Dec. 2 at Library Center
11/26/2012 Pat Lamb and Jim Wilcox Book Signings Dec. 1 at Library Center
11/19/2012 Ozarks Literacy Council Shares Mission, Now Space with the Library
11/19/2012 Library District Launches Monthly E-newsletter
11/14/2012 Davonne Burns “Sorrow’s Fall” Book Signing Nov. 17 at Library Center
11/14/2012 Perry Posey “Buffalo Gal” Book Signing Nov. 17 at Library Station
11/14/2012 Record a Loved One’s Story on National Day of Listening Nov. 23
11/07/2012 Big Momma's Opens Kiosk at Midtown Carnegie Branch Library
11/01/2012 Record a Loved One's Story on National Day of Listening
10/31/2012 Joey Kelly “LST-783 Cruise Book, A WWII Journal” Book Signing Nov. 10 at Library Center
10/30/2012 Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale Hits $125,779.01 All-time High
10/26/2012 Eldon Reed and Roni Blanche Book Signings Nov. 3 at Library Center
10/22/2012 Wesley Fox and Beth Carter Book Signings Oct. 27 at Library Center
10/16/2012 Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale Runs Oct. 23-28
10/04/2012 Peter Longley Book Signing Oct. 13 at Library Center
09/28/2012 Families Can Check Out Free Passes to Discovery Center at the Library
09/25/2012 Authors' Fair Oct. 6 at Library Center
09/24/2012 Indie Rock Musician Presents "Musicology" for Teens Sept. 28 and 29
09/20/2012 "Outcasts United" Author Featured at Lecture and Book Signings
09/10/2012 Ethan Bryan “Run Home & Take a Bow” Book Signing Sept. 15 at Library Center
08/29/2012 Library Book Discussions Support MSU’s Common Reader Program
08/29/2012 Nicole Hardison “The Farmhouse Secret” and Audrey Munsch “The Tale of the Red Ribbon” Book Signings Sept. 8 at Library Center
08/01/2012 20 New Laptops Available for In-Library Checkout Offer Faster Computer Access for Patrons
07/31/2012 Sherry Foley "Switched in Death" Book Signing Aug. 4 at Library Center
07/17/2012 Library Accepting Statements of Qualification and Proposals for Brentwood Branch Library Renovation
07/10/2012 Provide Soft Security for a Child in Need with Project Linus Blanketeers
07/09/2012 Library Foundation Elects New Officers
07/06/2012 A Writer and a Playwright Share Through Lecture and Live Theater
06/29/2012 NAACP Awardee and Author to Speak July 11 at the Library Center
06/28/2012 Toucan Jam’s Imaginary World Tour Coming to the Library
06/25/2012 Join Downtown Book Club at Mudlounge for Stimulating Discussion
06/20/2012 Missouri Museums and Libraries Partner to Document World War I History
06/15/2012 "Cast a Big Shadow Puppet" with Matt Sandbank June 25-26
06/15/2012 Matt Sandbank's "Wild Goose Chase" Comes to the Library
06/15/2012 "Lucky Stars" Brings Fun and Laughter to the Library
06/15/2012 Journey Through the Night Sky at Baker Observatory June 22
06/14/2012 An Evening of Original Acoustic Music with Mark Bilyeu June 23 at the Library Center
06/14/2012 Kids Invited to "Nature Dreams" June 22 at Springfield Conservation Nature Center
06/08/2012 Library Policy Changes Go Into Effect July 1
06/05/2012 Get Tips for Mediterranean Cooking at Home with Chef Isom
06/05/2012 Learn About Missouri Owls with Dickerson Park Zoo
05/31/2012 Enjoy KY3 for Kids Storybreaks this Summer
05/31/2012 See Rare Jewels of the Rainforest During Summer Reading Programs
05/31/2012 Dream Big with the Big Dream Machine at the Library
05/31/2012 Babaloo Rocks the Library Summer Reading Program
05/31/2012 Barty Shakes Presents Green Eggs and Hamlet and You!
05/16/2012 "The Age of Miracles" Author to Visit Libraries Via Skype
05/15/2012 Murder and Mystery Drive New Masterpiece Book & Film Club
05/08/2012 Julie Myers 'Nightmares' Book Signing May 19 at Library Station
05/08/2012 Concert, Stargazing, Movies Highlight Adult Summer Reading Program Events
05/02/2012 Children's author Caroline Starr Rose Will Speak May 16 at Library Center
04/20/2012 Born2Learn Makes Learning a Downtown Family Event
04/17/2012 From Flaming Fingernails to Peter Pan - An Author's Tale April 26 at Pythian Castle
04/13/2012 Barnes & Noble Event Pairs Poetry and Library Foundation Fundraiser
04/10/2012 Join the Big Bleed and Support the Community's Health
04/09/2012 American Library Association Releases Top 10 List of Challenged Books of 2011
04/04/2012 Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale Returns April 24-29
03/30/2012 Library Patrons Can Enter Drawing for “Shrek The Musical” Performance Tickets
03/30/2012 Big Read Iron Chef Cook-Off and Edible Books Festival Highlight April 6 Event at Park Central Branch Library
03/30/2012 "The Great War in Springfield" April 2 at Library Station
03/30/2012 Kids Can Hear a Poem-A-Day in April
03/30/2012 Author Bruce Hale Offers Hope for Young, Reluctant Readers
03/22/2012 Library Invites All to Investigate “The Maltese Falcon” During The Big Read
03/01/2012 “The Border Between Them” Book Talk features author Jeremy Neely and Civil War Panel March 5
02/29/2012 Library Patrons Can Enter Drawing for "The Color Purple" Performance Tickets
02/27/2012 Slam Poetry, Soup Dinner, Films and More Drive Civility Series
02/23/2012 E-reader Training Available at the Library
02/21/2012 Poplar Bluff Attorney is New Library Foundation and Development Director
02/13/2012 Community, Civility and Compassion Topics of March Series
01/26/2012 Get Free Tax Help at the Library
01/23/2012 The 10 Tenets of Civility Photo Contest Feb. 1-24
01/23/2012 13th Annual Design-A-Bookmark Contest Begins Feb. 1
01/23/2012 Photo Archive Reveals Faces and Places of the Civil War
01/23/2012 African-American Read-In Presents "Tales of Wonder"
01/06/2012 Library Offers Fine Amnesty for Food Donations
01/06/2012 2012 Missouri Teen Video Challenge Under Way
01/05/2012 Shape Up for the New Year at Republic Branch Library
01/05/2012 "Family Voices" Jan. 7-28 at Library Station
12/30/2011 Civil War Website Director Wins Missouri Humanities Council Award
12/20/2011 Tickets for First Night Available at Library Center, Library Station, Brentwood and Park Central Branch Libraries
12/16/2011 Beat Winter Break Boredom with Library Movies, Crafts and Teen Nights
12/14/2011 Learn to Download Books on Your E-reader at the Library
12/05/2011 Enjoy a Reading with Author W.D. Blackmon
12/05/2011 Holiday Concert with Wires N Wood Dec. 17 at Brentwood Branch Library
12/05/2011 'Holiday Horns' Dec. 14 at Midtown Carnegie Branch Library
12/05/2011 Find Unique, Book-themed Gifts, Décor, Holiday Items At The Library’s Between Friends Gift Shops
12/02/2011 Free Holiday Music Concerts Planned at Libraries
11/23/2011 Spread Cheer for Young Readers with a Gift Book Tree Donation
11/21/2011 Historic 1872 Springfield Map Makes Choice Holiday Gift for Historian, Teachers
11/21/2011 Update Your Wardrobe -- Accesorize with Scarves: Scarf Tying 101 Nov. 29 at Brentwood Branch Library
11/21/2011 Robert E. Smith Focus of First Friday Art Talk and Art Walk Dec. 2 at Park Central Branch Library
11/15/2011 'Holiday Open House' in Candyland with Santa Kick Off Annual 'Holiday Store' for Kids at Library Center and Library Station
11/14/2011 ‘Holiday Open House’with Santa Kicks Off Annual ‘Holiday Store’ for Kids at Library Center and Library Station
11/09/2011 Lucinda Mills “Let Yesterday Go” Book Signing Nov. 19 at Brentwood Branch Library
11/09/2011 Go Green with the Library: Sign Up for Email Notifications, Shred Documents
11/09/2011 Medicare Signup Help for Seniors Nov. 17-18 at Library Center
11/01/2011 Denzil Batson “Korea: We Called It War” Book Signing Nov. 12 at Library Center
10/25/2011 "Soldier's Heart" Author Jeremy Rusk to Speak Nov. 7 at Library Station
10/21/2011 Census 2010 Workshop Comes to Library Center Oct. 27
10/18/2011 Visit with Zombie Expert and Author Ross Payton Oct. 26 at Library Center
10/07/2011 Giant Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale Runs October 18-23; Friends Night Preview Sale Oct. 17
10/05/2011 Record a Story for Your Preschooler at ‘Family Voices Party’ October 15 at Brentwood Branch Library
10/03/2011 Explore the Outdoors in the Ozarks at the Library Station
09/30/2011 'Riverbluff Cave -- Ice Age Time Capsule' Oct. 5 at Library Center
09/22/2011 Christina Davis “The Teeter Twins in Without a Fight” Book Signing Oct. 1 at Library Center
09/19/2011 “After the Harvest” Documentary and Discussion Sept. 22 at Park Central Branch
09/07/2011 National, regional authors highlight of Missouri Literary Festival: The Civil War
09/07/2011 Authors Sarah Ockler, Chris Crutcher Lead Banned Books Week Events
09/01/2011 "A Real Man's Guide to a Happy, Successful Life" Book Talk and Signing with M.D. "Dorsal" Finn Sept. 17 at Library Center
08/24/2011 KC Kopaska "Afterburn: The KC Kopaska Story" Book Signing Sept. 3 at Library Center
08/16/2011 Series of E-book Downloading Sessions Begins Sept. 1
08/11/2011 New Health Library Opens at Jordan Valley Community Health Center
07/20/2011 Library's Gift Shops Add Online Store
07/15/2011 Early Childhood Specialist to Speak August 30
07/07/2011 Civil War Virtual Museum Opens July 30 and 31
07/05/2011 Park Central Branch Hours Change Effective Aug. 1
06/22/2011 Mobile Library Launch Party Planned July 6
06/17/2011 Mark Twain Award Book Discussions Planned at the Library Center
06/10/2011 Library's New Mobile Library Arrives
06/02/2011 Geri Olmstead Named Manager of Republic Branch Library
05/25/2011 Libraries Provide Drop-off Sites for Joplin Aid; Free Computer Use for Joplin-area Residents
05/23/2011 Library Offers Computer Use for Displaced Joplin-Area Residents
05/20/2011 Learn a New Language with the Library's New Online Program
05/11/2011 E-reader Training Offered May 16, 20 and 31 at Library Center
05/03/2011 Bookmobile Staff Provide Limited Service until Mobile Library Arrives
05/02/2011 Kids, Parents Invited to Rollout of Early Learning Stations and Toys May 5
05/02/2011 Friends of the Library Surpasses $100,000 in Spring Book Sale
04/30/2011 Library Early Learning Centers Help Kids Succeed in School
04/27/2011 Strafford Branch Library Plans Limited Service May 2-8 for Makeover
04/22/2011 Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale April 26 through May 1
04/22/2011 Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale Begins April 26
04/17/2011 "Voices of Conflict" Reveal Human Dimension of Civil War
04/08/2011 In Praise of Libraries...Our Favorite Authors Speak Out
04/08/2011 Live Performances Planned at Library Chautauqua April 28-30
04/05/2011 Pick Up Downloading Tips for iPad and iPad2 at Library Sessions
03/15/2011 Get Expert Advice on Handling Money During "Money Smart Week @ your library"
03/11/2011 Springfield-Greene County Libraries Suspend HarperCollins E-book Orders
03/09/2011 New Film Viewer/Scanner Will Help Library Microfilm Researchers
03/04/2011 Foundation for Springfield Public Schools "What I've Learned So Far" Book Signing March 12 at Library Center
03/04/2011 Debra Tucker "Rhythms of the Heart" Book Signing March 12 at Library Center
03/04/2011 Purposeful Parenting Workshop and Book Signing with Carla MacLachlan March 5 at Library Center
02/24/2011 2011-2012 Directory Available for Purchase Through the Library
02/17/2011 Tracy Jackson "Ignorance Ain't Got No Shame" Book Signing February 19 at Library Center
02/17/2011 Anita Roberts "Springfield: 1830-1930" Book Signing February 19 at Library Center
02/08/2011 2011 Food For Fines Program Collects More Than 4 Tons of Food
02/02/2011 Start Your Job Search with Help From the Library
01/21/2011 Library to Offer E-reader Help Classes Jan. 25-31
01/20/2011 Book Signing for Story of NASCAR Great Larry Phillips January 27 at Library Center and Library Station
12/30/2010 Food For Fines: Fine-Amnesty Week Returns January 23
12/23/2010 Edge Computer Classes Also Help the Homeless
12/16/2010 Kids' Dollars Help Raise Funds for Library Services
11/23/2010 Give the Gift of Books to Your Library
11/17/2010 'Holiday Open House' and Santa Kick Off Annual 'Holiday Store' for Kids at Library Center and Library Station
11/04/2010 Support Library at Barnes & Noble Bookfair
11/03/2010 Friends of the Library to Donate Rare Shakespeare Volumes to MSU
11/01/2010 Barnes & Noble Hosts November 13 Bookfair for the Library Foundation
10/29/2010 Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale Breaks Record
10/27/2010 Tour of Missouri’s Civil War Author to Visit Library Center November 10
10/26/2010 Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale Hits Records Sales of $108,379.38
10/25/2010 Learn Local Ghost Lore from Writer Janice Tremeear October 28 at Library Station
10/21/2010 Ash Grove Branch Library Celebrates Reopening October 23
10/21/2010 Find Business and Health Information at the Library
10/21/2010 Library Snapshot Day: Show-Me Your Library Captures One Day in the Library’s Life
10/20/2010 Author Encourages Boomer Entrepreneurs October 24
10/14/2010 Book Lovers Find Bargains Aplenty at Friends of the Library Book Sale
10/06/2010 Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale October 19-24
10/01/2010 Meet Local Authors Oct. 9 at Library Center
09/29/2010 'Authors' Fair' October 9 at Library Center
09/27/2010 Friends of the Library Named Outstanding Philanthropic Organization of the Year
09/24/2010 Research Health Information with Resources from the Library
09/17/2010 Show the Value of Your Library on Library Snapshot Day
09/10/2010 Enjoy Stargazing September 14 at Library Center
09/09/2010 Library Snapshot Day: Show-Me Your Library Planned September 21
09/03/2010 Big Read 2011 Focuses on Civil War Literature for Sesquicentennial Observance
08/27/2010 Come to Brentwood Branch Block Party August 29
08/24/2010 Kids at Every Branch Library Now Have Early Literacy Stations
08/20/2010 Find Your Fill of Books to Film at the Library
08/13/2010 Friends of the Library to Fund New Bookmobile and Ash Grove Branch Library Upgrade
08/11/2010 Friends of the Library to Fund New Bookmobile and Ash Grove Branch Library Upgrade
07/29/2010 Get Help Getting the Little Ones Ready for School at the Library
07/28/2010 Republic Branch Library Manager Named Among "20 Most Influential Women for 2010"
07/27/2010 Kudos to Library Essay Contest Winners
07/23/2010 Libraries: Part of the Here and Now
07/19/2010 Libraries Accepting Donated Books for Fall Sale
07/16/2010 Summer Reading to Go Brings Reading Program to Kids
07/09/2010 Check Out Redesigned Local History Web Page
07/02/2010 Come Out for Library Night at Hammons Field July 22
06/28/2010 Tickets on Sale for July 22 Library Night with Springfield Cardinals
06/25/2010 Kick Off Independence Day at Library Center
06/18/2010 New Grant Extends 'Edge to the Rescue' Computer Training
06/18/2010 Edge to the Rescue Grant Continued
06/11/2010 Never a Dull Moment at Library this Summer
06/04/2010 New NoveList Features Make Finding Your Next Read Easy
05/28/2010 Partnership Helps Get Children Ready to Read
05/28/2010 Four Authors Visit for 'Teen Book Mania' June 5 at Library Center
05/25/2010 Smith-Glynn-Callaway Medical Foundation Awards $6,000 Grant to Library Foundation
05/21/2010 Make Business Research Easy at the Library
05/18/2010 Summer Reading Programs for All Ages at Library
05/14/2010 Summer Reading Clubs Offer Fun & Prizes for Kids, Teens and Adults
05/14/2010 Follow Librarian Tammy Flippen at NASA's "Tweetup" May 19-20
05/12/2010 Author Wayne Holmes to Discuss "Rocky Comfort" May 25
05/07/2010 Interlibrary Loan Broadens Material Selection Friends of the Library Spring Sale a Success
04/30/2010 Find Bargains at Book Sale and View Planets at Library Center
04/27/2010 The Edge Offers Computer Skills for Beginners and Veterans
04/26/2010 Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale This Week
04/21/2010 Celebrate the Big Read with Richard Peck
04/19/2010 Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale April 27 through May 2
04/16/2010 Experience a Chautauqua at the Library April 22-25
04/12/2010 Voices of the 1930s Highlight Chautauqua April 22-25 at the Library Center: Two Guest Lectures Also Planned April 24 and 26
04/09/2010 Library Essay Contest Asks: How Has the Library Helped You?
04/09/2010 Celebrate National Library Week with the Library
04/09/2010 Civil War Novelist, Music, Coming to Library Station April 21
04/02/2010 Join the Big Read at the Library in April
03/31/2010 The Library and Woman's Day ask: What makes the Library important to you?
03/26/2010 Interlibrary Loan Allows Access to Materials Near and Far
03/19/2010 Updating Your Job or Computer Skills? The Library Can Help
03/12/2010 No Travel Plan is Complete Without a Trip to the Library
03/05/2010 Civil War Site Expands With New Grant
03/03/2010 Community & Conflict Prepares for Phase Two
02/26/2010 "Carry the Card"
02/19/2010 Library Invites Everyone to "Tell Us a Story"
02/12/2010 Celebrate African American Read-In Chain with the Library
02/05/2010 Food For Fines is a win-win for Greene Countians
01/29/2010 Teens Voices Heard at Libraries
01/24/2010 Pay Off Overdue Fines and Give to Community with Food For Fines
01/22/2010 Library Branches Join Rotary Club "Winter Warm Up" Blanket and Coat Drive
01/15/2010 Library Forms Alliances to Benefit Community
01/08/2010 Food For Fines: Wipe Out Your Library Fines While You Wipe Out Hunger
01/08/2010 Walking Books Brings Library Materials to Those Who Need It
12/31/2009 Maps are Footprint in Time
12/23/2009 Get Help Keeping 2010 Goals at the Library
12/21/2009 Celebrate First Night with the Library
12/11/2009 International Orchestra Visits Library Station Dec. 17
12/04/2009 Access Free Downloadables at
11/25/2009 Library Gifts Give Back
11/20/2009 Bring Your Kids to the Holiday Store
11/13/2009 Call 2-1-1 for Human Service Needs
11/06/2009 Library Has Additional Resources to Help You Build Computer Skills
10/30/2009 Library Center Celebrates 10 Years
10/23/2009 Bring Entire Family to New Republic Branch Grand Opening Halloween Party
10/16/2009 Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale Begins Tuesday [October 20]
10/15/2009 Children's Literature Festival Brings Fans and Authors Together
10/02/2009 Author Patricia McKissick Conducts Workshop for Young Writers October 17
09/28/2009 'Get Your Read On' and More at Missouri Literary Festival October 2-4
09/18/2009 Learn a Different Kind of Blues at Midtown Carnegie Branch Library Thursday [September 24]
09/11/2009 Civil War Fair Has Something for All
09/04/2009 Keeping Track of Want-To-Reads is Easy and Fun at
08/28/2009 Computer Classes Go Mobile
08/14/2009 Teens Find Their Own Niche at the Library
08/07/2009 Marketing the Library for 20 Years
07/31/2009 Library Reaches Out to Future Customers
07/24/2009 Books Spice Up Your Life
07/17/2009 New Community Event a Natural for the Library
07/10/2009 Winds of Change Blowing in Missouri: Latest Research at the Library
07/03/2009 Choose Books and More From Re-Designed Library Web Site
06/26/2009 'An American in Paris' Comes Home
06/19/2009 New Civil War Web Site to be Unveiled Friday [June 26] at Library Center
06/12/2009 Libraries Host 'Stories, Music and Crazy Kazoos' Monday and Tuesday [June 15 and 16]
04/24/2009 Book-A-Speaker Through the Library
02/27/2009 In a Sliding Economy, Should You Zag Instead of Zig?
02/20/2009 Working Together to Take Care of Our Children
02/06/2009 Spread the News: Help is Just a 2-1-1 Call Away
01/30/2009 Local History Web Page is Fascinating Reading
01/02/2009 Dr. Hall's Index Provides Patrons with Invaluable Genealogy Tool
09/05/2008 When You Can't Read, Listen: Check Out Audio Books

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