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Quick Start Guide: Smartphone/Tablet


Smartphone or Tablet


Applies to: iPad, iPad minis, iPhone, iPod touch, Android tablets and smartphones, Kindle Fire, NOOK Tablet, NOOK Color, Windows phones or tablets and Blackberries.



You will need to install the free Overdrive Media Console app on your device before checking out and downloading eBooks. This program allows you to search our collection and manages the e-books and audiobooks you have borrowed. It can be downloaded directly using the app store on your device. This initial setup only has to be completed once. You should always use the most updated version of the Overdrive App.

Find, Download, & Install The OverDrive App

  • Go to the device’s app store.

  • Search for “OverDrive” in the app store. This app should have a large white “O” in the center on a blue background.

  • “Purchase” the app and install. The app is free.

Configuring the OverDrive App

  • You will need an Adobe ID to use the OverDrive app.  

    • If you do not already have an Adobe ID:

      • Follow the authorization instructions for the device: Apple, Android, Kindle, NOOK, Windows, BlackBerry

      • Or by following these steps:

        • Go to

        • Click on “Sign In” in the top right corner of the screen.

        • Click on “Don’t have an Adobe ID?”

        • Follow the steps to create your Adobe ID.

  • Open the OverDrive app if it is not already open.

  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu. Swipe from left to right across your screen. Then tap "Settings."

  • Enter your Adobe ID and password.

  • Tap “Authorize.”

    (Apple users will need to tap Authorize before entering user ID and password.)

Save a Library to Your App

  • Tap on “Add a Book” until the “Add a Library” menu comes up.  If you don’t see “Add a Book, tap on the icon in the top left and then tap “Add a Library.”
  • Enter your zip code in the search bar and tap “Search.”
  • Choose any Springfield-Greene County library that appears in the list. (Your branch may not appear.)

  • Tap on the star that appears next to the branch in order to save this library to your device. 

Browse, Checkout, & Download

  • Tap on “Add a Book” to go to the OverDrive website.  

(If the website does not appear, swipe from left to right on your screen, then tap on “Springfield-Greene County Library.” If you are reading a book, tap on the middle of the screen, then tap on the icon on the top left to exit the book and see the menu.)

  • Browse for a title.
  • Check out with your library card number.
  • Download the item in EPUB or MP3 format. They should appear on the app bookshelf when finished downloading.

Reading & Returning Books

  • Navigate to the app’s Bookshelf if you do not see your downloaded items in the app. (Tap icon in the top left, then tap “Bookshelf.”)
  • To read/listen to an item on your bookshelf, tap on its cover.
  • To turn the page, swipe across the book from right to left.
  • To return the book, return to the Bookshelf. Press and hold on the cover until options appear. Then tap “Return.”


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