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Summer Math Practice for Kids and Teens

If children do not practice their reading skills during the summer, their reading level can go down. This can also happen to their math skills! Help your child retain what they have learned during the school year by trying some of the following resources throughout the summer months. If you have any questions on these suggestions, be sure to ask a librarian at your local library branch!

Materials for checkout at Springfield-Greene County Library:

Websites and Free Apps:

  • (Gr. K-5)
    This site is popular with many public schools. Your child can click on the grade level they have just completed and play games to practice math, language arts and more. Also available as a free Math Bingo app from iTunes and Google Play to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Bedtime Math (Pre-K and up)
    This is a great place to go for a math problem for each day (or night) of the year for wee ones, little kids and big kids! Also available as a free app from iTunes and Google Play.
  • Hooda Math (Gr. K-12)
    This is a terrific math games site founded by a middle school math teacher. Several free apps from iTunes and Google Play are also available.
  • Khan Academy (Gr. K-12)
    This site to use all year long to help your child practice math and science. Sign your child up for an account and you can monitor his or her progress. Also available as a free app from iTunes and Google Play.
  • Sumdog (Gr. K-8)
    This is another popular site with schools. It has premium content for a fee, but kids can play free math games and compete against each other. Also available as a free app from iTunes and Google Play.

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