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We all know that the role of our elected officials is to represent their constituents, but who exactly are these representatives? The following will show you how to contact your representative at the city, county, state and federal levels.


  • Springfield

    Residents are represented by the council-manager style of government. This allows for a mayor, city council, and a city manager, who is hired by the city council to run the daily business of the city. As per Article 2 of the city charter, both council and mayoral elections are non-partisan. 

    The Council is made up of four zone and four general council members. Zone members are elected to represent from specific zones within the city, whereas general members can be from anywhere in the city. Councilmember listings can be found on the City Council Web site, and to find out who your zone council member is, the city has put together an interactive map.

    More information about Springfield's city government, including contact information for both the mayor and city manager, can be found at the city government Web site. As a reminder, all e-mail correspondence with City Council members becomes public record.

  • Battlefield

    Residents are represented by a mayor and two aldermen from three different wards. Battlefield's Web site provides contact information for the mayor and all aldermen.

  • Fair Grove

    The city is governed by a mayor and aldermen wards. For more information about representatives and constituency locations, visit Fair Grove's Web site.


  • Citizens elect a mayor and city council, and a city administrator is hired by the city to run day-to-day operations. Contact information can be found on Republic's Web site. 

  • Rogersville

    The city is governed by an elected mayor and board of aldermen. The city's Web site gives information about contacting city leaders, as well as other officials.

  • Strafford

    Citizens are represented by a mayor and board of aldermen, as well as a hired city administrator. Information about presenting to the board can be found at the city's Web site, along with contact information.

  • Willard

    The city uses the mayor-council form of government. Contact information for the mayor and city council is available through Willard's city government Web site.

Greene County 

All officials are elected in partisan elections. Links to all county-wide offices can be found at Office hours, locations, and contact information can be found on the site as well. 

  • Assessor

    According to the assessor's Web site, the "function of the assessor in this process is to determine the assessed value of all taxable real and tangible personal property in a county."  In short, the role of the assessor is to evaluate Greene County property for the purposes of taxation.

  • Auditor

    The auditor's job is to keep track of all funds entering and leaving Greene County accounts, ensuring that all funds are properly accounted for.

  • Circuit Clerk

    The circuit court clerk is responsible for keeping record of all court cases in Greene County. 

  • Collector 

    The role of collector includes collecting fees and funds from the citizens of Greene County, ranging from taxes to car licensing fees.

  • County Clerk 

    The county clerk facilitates voter registration, elections, and tax administration, as well as archives and records, notary public commissions, and liquor and auctioneer licensing, among others.

  • County Commission

    The county commission acts as the executive branch of county government. The commission is headed by a presiding commissioner, with two deputy commissioners. According to the commission's website, "the Commission enacts ordinances, resolutions and policies, supervises the activities of county departments, fixes salaries, adopts the annual budget, provides for construction and other services, and conducts hearings on planning and zoning matters."

  • Prosecuting Attorney

    The office of the prosecuting attorney represents the people of Greene County and their interests in such matters as child support, bad checks, domestic violence, and other crimes.

  • Public Administrator

    According to their Web site, the public administrator is appointed by the circuit court to act as "1) Guardian and/or conservator for mentally disabled persons, 2) personal representative of deceased estates and 3) as conservator of minor estates. "

  • Recorder

    The county recorder keeps information about property holdings, marriage licenses, federal and state tax liens, and military service discharge records.

  • Sheriff

     According to their Web site, the sheriff's department acts as "a full service law enforcement agency that provides: twenty-four hour road patrol, Criminal Investigations Division, Warrants and Records Division, Civil Process Division, Administrative Services Division, and a jail that houses five hundred inmates. "

  • Treasurer

    The Office of the Treasurer keeps track of all banking activities of the county, including payroll, accounts payable, and specialty checks.


Missouri's General Assembly is made up of the Senate and House of Representatives, who represent the 34 Senate and 163 House districts of Missouri.

  • House of Representatives

    Springfield and Greene County are divided into 8 districts. To find out which district you reside in, the state provides a map (PDF) showing the districts in and around Springfield. A listing of representatives organized by district is available from the House of Representatives Web site. You can contact your representative through this site or by mail at:

    Representative, 201 W. Capitol Ave, Rm #, Jefferson City, MO, 65101

  • Senate 

    The city of Springfield makes up the 30th district, and Greene County (excluding Springfield) makes up the 20th district. A full listing of senate districts can be found on the Senate Web site, along with a list of senators organized by district. This list also gives phone and e-mail information. You may write to your state senator at:

    Senator, 201 W. Capitol Ave, Rm #, Jefferson City, MO, 65101


  • United States Senate

    As per the Constitution, states are also represented on the federal level in Congress. Each state is represented in the United States Senate by two senators elected every 6 years. A listing of senators and links to their  home pages with contact information can be found on the U.S. Senate Web site

  • United States House of Representatives

    Representation of states in the House of Representatives is determined by population. Springfield and Greene County are represented in the Missouri 7th Congressional District, and far eastern Greene County is represented by the Missouri 4th Congressional District. A listing of representatives and their contact information can be found on the U.S. House of Representatives Web site.

  • President of the United States

    The President of the United States can be reached through the White House's Web site, or by writing to:

    President of the United States, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 20500

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