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This is the Modern World

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Bringing Photos, Music, and Video into your Web page
by Gerry Souter

Learn how to add photos, sound, and videos to you Web site.

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Censorship on the Internet
by Wendy Herumin

Conflicts in cyberspace -- Exploring the internet -- A new form of media -- Web censorship in the United States -- Libraries and the first amendment -- Schools, free speech, and the web -- Online pornography and other controversies -- Privacy and predators -- The global debate -- Conflicting viewpoints and common ground.

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ChaseR : A Novel in E-Mails
by Michael Rosen

When his parents decide to move to an old house in the country, Chase uses e-mail to his friends back in Columbus, Ohio, and to his sister in college to help him deal with cicadas, deer hunters, and other changes in his life.

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Game Design for Teens
by Les Pardew

You might have a truly amazing idea for a game, but do you know what to do with it? Transforming your idea into an actual game can be a daunting task. You must have an understanding of game art, programming, audio, and business in order to produce the solid game design document that can turn your really cool idea into a really cool game.

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iBook for Dummies
by David Pogue

Apple has shrunk its whiz-kid show-off, the iMac, into a handy laptop called the iBook. Yep, the desktop computer that resembles a king-size scratch-and-sniff now fits inside your backpack and can be used virtually anywhere! Award-winning author David Pogue introduces you to the bells, whistles, and gadgetry of the iBook that has carried on-the-go personal computing to another level.

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IPOD and Itunes Garage
by Kirk McElhearn

This book covers Apple's iTunes digital music software and its iPod portable digital music player by looking at the many ways of using the iPod for music, contacts, calendars, tunes to manage digital music on a Mac or PC with Windows, and to share it across a local network.

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Love, Sara
by Mary Lundgren

In a series of emails and journal entries Sara, a high school junior with a history of sexual abuse and foster home care, reveals her feelings about herself and two friends who are headed for destruction.

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Researching on the Internet
by Gerry Souter

Learn how to research the Internet and find the information you need by using search enginges, bulletin boards, listservs, and chatrooms.

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The Weblog Handbook
by Rebecca Blood

Find out how to create and maintain your own blog.

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by Lauren Myracle

Chronicles, in "instant message" format, the day-to-day experiences, feelings, and plans of three friends, Zoe, Maddie, and Angela, as they begin tenth grade.

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