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Book JacketMacho Nachos During TV snacking season, even if the home team tanks, the homemade nachos in this versatile cookbook will always be a winner. Includes 50 toppings, salsas, and spreads--variations of the original melted cheese and jalapeo nacho.
Book JacketPizza : Any Way You Slice It Can't resist the warm, enticing aroma of a perfect homemade pizza with a crisp crust topped with creamy mozzarella and juicy tomatoes? Now you can become an expert pizza maker using Charles and Michele Scicolone's Pizza--Any Way You Slice It. Their simple techniques and 100 innovative recipes will have you making top-quality, authentic pizza right in your own kitchen.
Book JacketThe Ulitimate Brownie Book Thousands of Brownie Recipes Gooey, fudgy, or cakey, flavored with chocolate chips, coconut, or nuts, frosted or enjoyed as is, who doesn't love brownies? In this ultimate guide to America's favorite treat, discover old-time classics such as Chocolate Syrup Brownies and Butterscotch Brownies, and new tastes such as Cranberry Brownies and Malt Brownies.
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