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How do I connect to the hot spot?

You connect to the hot spot through your device.

  1. 1 - Wi-Fi name and password
  2. 2 - Signal and type
  3. 3 - Battery / alerts
  4. 4 - Number of devices connected out of 8
  5. 5 - Other settings, mostly locked
Ignore "data usage" and "days left"

To confirm connection:

How many devices can be connected at one time to the hot spot?

Up to 8 devices can connect to the hot spot at one time. Note that connecting many devices may slow down connection speed.

How much data can I use?

The hot spots are on unlimited data plans managed by the Library. You can use as much data as you desire without deactivation or throttled speeds.

I have successfully connected, however I have slow-to-no internet access.

The hot spots gain internet access through Sprint cell towers. If the hot spot has no signal from Sprint, it will not be able to give you internet access.

Check the upper corner of the hot spot and look for signal bars. If no bars are found, the device has no signal. Turn the device off and back on to try to gain internet access. If signal bars do not appear, you may be out of Sprint’s network coverage. Click here to view Sprint’s predicted coverage map. Actual coverage may vary.

If there are signal bars, the internet may be slow due to the type of signal the hot spot has gained. Sprint offers three types of signal: LTE, 3G, and EDGE. LTE is the fastest, 3G has slightly less speed and EDGE is the equivalent of wireless dial-up.

Why does my device say __Days left?

The "Days Left" information on the hot spot is an indicator for billing purposes of the Library and does not indicate how long you have the hot spot checked out. Ignore the days left and data used. The devices come with unlimited data and are paid for every 30 days and managed by the Library without needed access to the device.

Hot spots check out for 3 weeks. Hot spots may be renewed if no one is on hold for a hot spot. Overdue fees for hot spots are 10 cents per day, up to $5 maximum. Internet service will be disabled for hot spots that are not returned by their due date. After 30 days past due, the patron will be billed for $250 plus fees for a replacement device.

The device is not linked to your library account in any way that it can tell you the remaining days until due.

My device has alerts on it. Why?

Alerts can range from maximum number of devices connected to billing cycle coming to a close. Most alerts can be ignored because the Library manages the billing cycle and connected devices is dependent to the patron. However, if you do not understand the alert, or the device stops working or functioning properly due to an alert, contact the Library for assistance.

My battery does not last 10 hours?

Depending on signal strength, number of devices connected or pressure of usage, the device’s battery life will vary.

How do I disconnect a personal device from the hot spot?

The hot spot does not have the ability to forget or disconnect devices from itself. You must manually go into the Wi-Fi settings on your device and "forget" the hot spot in order to disconnect.

What settings can I change on the hot spot?

All major settings important to the device and billing have been locked. Only settings like display brightness and such can be altered. After a device is turned in, the hot spot settings are reset to default.

I lost the ____?

Patrons must pay for replacement of any lost or damaged items.

My hot spot says it needs to download updates.

Most updates are automatic. If you are prompted to update, accept and wait for updates to complete.

When connecting the hot spot to game consoles, my games or online services are slow/laggy/unreliable.

This is due to cell signal irregularities. A normal in-house Wi-Fi router has a direct constant connection to the internet. The hot spots have spikes and drops in signal changing the reliability of internet connection.