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Healing from Trauma

223.4 million people have experienced and been affected by a traumatic event. That's 70% of the population. With therapy being a privilege and potentially inaccessible resource, it is extremely important to provide for resources for those who cannot seek therapy. The following books provide resources for healing from traumatic events.


The Royal Treatment

Are you looking for some royal reads? If so, the library had you covered with books about royal history, historical fiction, and royal romances. Many of these books are radically different but they all have one thing in common: a connection to a crown.


The Wood Wide Web

The "Wood Wide Web" hides underneath our feet, barely noticed but very important. The wood wide web (also known as mycorrhizal networks) is a network of mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships between fungi, plants, and bacteria. In these networks, fungi wind tendrils of thin, almost invisible, thread-like "hyphae" through the soil, connecting fungi to the roots of plants. These hyphae allow for communication and nutrient exchange between plants and fungi underneath the forest floor.


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