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Recycling Opportunities in Springfield

As folks move towards a greener way of life, it's important to know where we can do our part by recycling.  Springfield offers three recycling facilities for citizens to use.  Hours for each facility vary, as does what each facility accepts.  A detailed guide to recyclables (PDF) is available from the city, as well as directions to each location. 

Franklin Avenue Recycling Center - located at 731 N Franklin, this center accepts bagged leaves and grass, tin, plastic, paper, glass containers, cardboard, and aluminum. 

Lone Pine Recycling Center-  located at 3020 S. Lone Pine, this center can accept bagged leaves and grass, tin, plastic, paper, glass containers, cardboard, and aluminum. 

Yard Waste Recycling Center -  located off of Farm Road 164, this center accepts grass clippings, leaves, garden and flowerbed vegetation, and small, non-wood shrub trimmings from residents within the city limits free of charge.  The city requests that non-residents pay an honor fee of $.50 per bag.  Commercial haulers and lawn services can bring clippings to the center for free. 

The Yard Waste Recycling Center also accepts brush from both residential and commercial users.  Residential users can bring brush to the center for $3 per vehicle.  It is important to note that limbs are not to be longer than 4 feet.  Limbs up to 6 inches in diameter are accepted loose, but anything larger, plus rootballs are to be taken to the landfill.  Non-residents can bring brush and limbs to the center for $.50 per bundle.  More information about the Yard Waste Recycling Center, including directions and information about commercial yard waste can be found at the Yard Waste Recycling Center's website. 

It is also important to remember recycling protocol:

Can't make it to a recycling center? Since 1991, Springfield residents have been able to recycle from their own homes with Curbside Recycling. According to the city's recycling website, all haulers in the city of Springfield are required to offer this service.  To find out more, contact your hauler for specifics.

Recycling is a great way to start lessening our carbon footprints. For more information on how recycling works or recycled products, check out these great resources from our catalog:

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