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Local History

Hallowee'en 1909

 From the Springfield Republican, October 31, 1909, page 5.

Evil Spirits Stalk
Young America observes Hallowee’en with usual pranks.
Hollowe’en, which falls on Sunday but was celebrated by Young America last night, passed off with but little mischief on the part of boys and men who love to play their pranks on this particular night of the year.  Six extra patrolmen were put on duty by Chief of Police Loveless.  Four of these were mounted and looked after the outskirts of the city.  They reported a few pranks of mischievous boys but nothing of a serious nature.  Some arrests were made but in most instances, the boys were turned loose when they had repaired the slight damage they had done.
Special Patrolmen Seigel, Dillard and Guy Rainey who patrolled the southwestern portions of the outer districts of the city on horses caught two boys on South Campbell Street near the grocery of E. L. Harris at 821 South Campbell Street.  The boys tore down a sign at the store.  The officers captured the lads and took them before Mr. Harris who told them if they would disband and go home, he would not prosecute them but if he saw them on the streets any more that night he would swear out a warrant for the entire crowd.

Several buggies were reported in the streets.  A few gates were spirited from their rightful locations to some other part of the city and put to uses for which they were never intended.  A few crossings were torn from their moorings and placed in the gutters instead of across the openings.

All in all the night was considered exceptionally quiet.  It is thought that but little damage was done to property in the city.  Many of the people of the city employed men to watch their properties and residences last night to prevent the destruction of their property.  These men were given power to arrest intruders and disturbers.

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