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A New Resource for Local Matters

Dr. David Hough will begin offering his educational expertise and opinions in a weekly column titled "Educational Matters" that will appear in the Springfield News-Leader. This informative column will address a variety of issues that are impactive on Springfield and the surrounding communities. 

It is Dr. Hough's intent to "focus more on factual information and draw on research to inform" the general public. While it will be necessary to refer to relevant state and national educational initiatives, Hough's goal is to "promote positive dialogue that will result in better understanding of education issues at all levels."  For example, the first focus of the column will be the federal educational reform program, "Race to the Top."

Readers will appreciate Dr. Hough's plain-speaking approach, as he avoids jargon, translates statistics and explains acronyms. 

For more information regarding educational reform initiatives such as "Race to the Top," consider the following books in the Springfield-Greene County Library:

The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How testing and choice are undermining education by Diane Ravitch

Education Reform: The role and responsibility of schools, parents, students and communities by Carletta D. Washington

In the Name of Excellence: The struggle to reform the nation's schools, why it's failing and what should be done by Thomas Toch

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