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Looking for an Exciting Genealogy Game?

A few days ago Utah news sources began reporting on a new Facebook App called "Family Village."   KSL, in Salt Lake City published an online article and video clip explaining the new game.

Fashioned after popular Facebook games, "Family Village" is unique in that the characters in the game are not fictional, they are all relatives of the player.  In addition, as the player plays, the game is busily searching the web for information pertinent to the player's family.

According to Jeff Wells, CEO of Funium LLC, the goal of "Family Village" is to use "an exciting medium to create real world content that has social value for people."  In addition he hopes that the game will incite interest in some who have been disinterested in genealogy.

"Family Village" will be introduced to the public in February, but the game is currently in alpha testing.  To try out "Family Village" open your Facebook account and click on the link supplied in the KSL article.

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