The Library Springfield-Greene County Library District Springfield, Missouri

Spring Break Read-A-Thon

 Calling all book lovers!! It's Spring Break, so we're going to relax with a Spring Break Read-A-Thon!  Join us Friday, March 25 at The Library Center. 

What exactly is a Read-A-Thon? It's a chance to get together with other readers, share books, and spend the evening reading. We'll see how many pages, chapters, and books we can get through in one night.  There will be snacks and prizes awarded throughout the evening. 

Don't have a book to read? Don't worry-the library has you covered! Find a book with "book speed dating"-judge a book in a minute and decide if it's for you. Or bring books of your own to read. 

The fun starts at 6pm and we'll read until 8:30!  Any guesses to how much we can read?

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