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Local History

The Lyon Monument Association

 Missouri Weekly Patriot, September 14, 1865, page 1 column 5.

Lyon Monument Association

"At the adjourned meeting of the Lyon Monument Association, held at this place [Springfield] on the 15th inst. [within the same month], it was ordered that the Treasurer prepare and distribute to each of the Vice Presidents a suitable number of blank books so ruled and arranged that they can all be, at some time, collected and bound into one volume to enroll the names of every person that wishes to become a member of the Association. These books will be distributed and open for subscription by the 10th of September in every county of Southwest Missouri.

"The object of this Association is to co-operate with other similar organizations which have been established for the purpose of erecting a monument to the memory of General Lyon on the battlefield of Wilson Creek, where the brave man fell at the head of his shattered columns heroically leading them in their last and desperate effort to scatter the combined hosts of treason and to secure to the people of Southwest Missouri the protection of the Federal Government.

"To him, our earliest and first defender, and to the true men who with him laid down their lives on that memorable and bloody field and to their surviving comrades who so fearlessly maintained the honor of the old flag against overwhelming odds we owe an everlasting debt of gratitude; and although it will but poorly repay that debt, let us not refuse to contribute freely and liberally to have a structure erected at Wilson Creek worthy of the cause and patriotism of the men whose names will be engraved thereon.

"It is expected that the Vice Presidents will immediately organize branches of this Association in their various counties and take the subscriptions of all who wish to contribute.

"One dollar will constitute any person a member of the Association and entitle the same to a certificate of membership but the amount is not at all limited and those willing to do so can contribute any amount they wish.

R. J. McElhany, president
J. H. Creighton, secretary"

You can see a collection of the Lyon Papers on our Community & Conflict site. Or read more about the Battle of Wilson's Creek or a short personal narrative of an eyewitness as told to Silas Turnbo.  

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