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Joplin Tornado Relief Efforts

On May 22 a tornado hit Joplin, Mo., causing immeasurable damage to homes and businesses. Residents had a mere 20-minute warning to find shelter before the storms hit. At time of publication, the death toll sits at 122 as citizens of Joplin sort through the wreckage.

There is a shred of light in all of the darkness, which is how quickly communities across the Ozarks have banded together to help. Wondering what you can do? This list is an excellent place to start.

Remember to check Facebook and other social media frequently, as businesses are generally able to update those sites much quicker than their personal websites.

Currently, volunteer efforts are strictly search and rescue, so only those licensed to assist in those areas should volunteer. If you are licensed in these areas, you can register to volunteer.

Volunteers for clean-up efforts will be needed soon but are still being organized at this time. Those wanting to volunteer should wait three to five days and then call either 211 or 800-427-4626.

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