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Deer Hunting

Are you craving deer meat? Well, you’re in luck because deer hunting season for firearms opens November 12th.

Deer hunting is a popular fall activity here in Missouri, partially due to the healthy population of whitetail deer. However, this has not always been the case. Whitetail deer populations were so low in Missouri in the early 1920’s that deer hunting restrictions had to be created and enforced. Deer hunting was mostly banned until 1944. Since that time, the whitetail deer population has recovered quite nicely, allowing for an adequate hunting season.

Today, the Missouri Department of Conservation closely monitors deer populations to ensure that the population stays balanced. If there the deer population is low, then predators that eat deer can also suffer. If the deer population is too high, crops can be damaged and vehicle accidents increase. Controlled hunts and deer hunting regulations can help keep deer populations in check.

If you are interested in deer hunting in Missouri, then you need to obtain a permit from the Missouri Department of Conservation. If you were born after 1966, you will also have to complete a hunter’s education course.


For more information about deer hunting check out these library resources:

Deer hunting : 100 things to know by J. Devlin Barrick, editor.
Includes facts that will help you prepare for the hunt and be a better hunter.

A to Z guide to white-tailed deer and deer hunting by Randall Gilbert.
Includes information about the white-tailed deer and explains deer hunting terminology.

Pro tactics. Whitetail hunting : expert strategies and techniques for a successful hunt by Bob Humphrey.
Discusses deer behavior and hunting techniques.

The art of whitetail deception : calling, rattling, and decoying make big bucks hunt you! by Kathy Etling.
Introduces calls, rattles, and decoys to help attract deer.

Whitetail racks by David Samuel and Robert Zaiglin.
Discusses the science of antlers.

Or check out these websites:

Missouri Department of Conservation:
Provides valuable tips and information on deer hunting in Missouri. Also includes deer hunting regulations and permit information.

Springfield-Greene County Health Department
Provides information about urban deer management in Springfield.

Andy Dalton Shooting Range
Located in Bois D’Arc, this facility has a shooting range where you can site in your firearm and conduct target practice.

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