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Brainteasers and puzzles for you and your family

By “playing around” with puzzles, you are keeping your mind sharp and alert. Below are several different types of puzzles, good for any age.

The Problem Site: Types of games included are math, strategy, puzzles, word, and printables.

A Daily Brain Teaser:  After you figure out the answer, you can submit it to find out if you are a weekly winner. Answers posted weekly.

Set Daily Puzzle:  This comes from a card game creator site, but you can play the game through this link without making a purchase.

Brain Boosters from Discovery Education: Here, the puzzles are sorted by type- lateral thinking, reasoning, word play, and math puzzles. Suitable for all ages.

Brain Teasers & Math Puzzles:This page contains the ever-growing list of mainly math puzzles with immediate scoring. It will give you hints and explanations as you solve the puzzles, rated from easy to hard.



Also, the library has a great collection of puzzle books that would be great for family night, parties, or just to stop the boredom that winter can sometimes bring.

Minute mysteries : brainteasers, puzzlers, and stories to solve. Written by Jennifer Hirsch and Teri Witkowski. 

Keep your brain fit 

The world's 200 hardest brain teasers : mind-boggling puzzles, problems, and curious questions to sharpen your brain. Written by Gary R. Gruber. 

Workout for a balanced brain. Written by Philip Carter. 


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