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New Hospital

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From the Springfield Leader, June 27, 1926, page 32.

New county hospital to be opened Monday

"The newly finished $15,000 tuberculosis hospital at the county farm will be formally opened tomorrow afternoon, 2:30 o’clock, when the three county judges, T. P. Frye, J. W. Tippin and C. J. Pike and the superintendent of the farm, Arch Starks, will be hosts to the Greene County physicians who have been invited to attend the opening and inspect the building.  The invitation also includes the general public and the court will welcome as many visitors as care to attend.

"The completion of this hospital realizes a desire of the county court of  some years standing to provide a place where persons pronounced incurable with tuberculosis may be cared for.  Such persons are not accepted at the state sanitarium at Mount Vernon, that institution being for treatment and possible cure of the disease.  When a person is found incurable there he or she is sent home.  Several such have been returned to Greene County.  It is for these that the hospital is built.  The court already has received applications for admittance to the hospital.

"The building is located 100 feet west of the residence of the superintendent and is connected with the general heat and water system of the farm which serve all the other buildings.  It is of interlocking tile and stucco construction and is two stories high, with twelve rooms and two departments, one for white patients and one for Negroes.  It is said this is the only county tuberculosis hospital in Missouri with an exclusive department for colored persons.

"Plans for the building were drawn by W. H. Schreiber, assistant county engineer, who also designed the addition to the general hospital which was built a year ago.

“’Greene County has now one of the best-equipped county farms in Missouri,’ declared a county official yesterday; and any citizen of the county, who cares to inspect the institution will be more than welcome.  And if he has never been there before he is guaranteed a surprise when he sees what the county has done to provide for the comfort of its unfortunates.’

“The county judges expect that a large percentage of the physicians, both in the city and the county and country towns will be present when the building is formerly opened tomorrow afternoon.  The new hospital was built without bonds or additional tax on the citizens of the county.”

Tuberculosis was also known as consumption or T.B. The photograph of the County Farm is from the Ozarks Mountaineer, November 1957, page 3.

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