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Out-of-This-World Manuals

Have you ever wondered what's under the "hood" of a starship or wanted to poke around the engine room of the Titanic?  Now you can.

Haynes Publishing has been producing manuals on the repair, maintenance, and customization of automobiles and motorcycles for over 50 years.  They have recently expanded their horizons to include a series of Owner's Workshop Manuals for vehicles from outer space and the high seas.

Checkout these books in the Library's collection:

  NASA Mission AS-506 Apollo 11, 1969 (including Saturn V, CM-107, SM-107, LM-5) owners' workshop manual : an insight into the hardware from the first manned mission to land on the moon.
   "Author Chris Riley looks at the evolution and design of the mighty Saturn V rocket, the Command and Service Modules, and the Lunar Module. Launch procedures are described, 'flying' the Saturn V, navigation, course correction 'burns', orbital rendezvous techniques, flying the LEM, moon landing, moon walk, take-off from the moon, and earth re-entry procedure. Includes performance data, fuels, ..."

  U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01, NCC-1701, NCC-1701-A to NCC-1701-E : owners' workshop manual.
    "The U.S.S. Enterprise is without a doubt the most famous starship in history. The vessels that have carried the name have saved the galaxy countless times and her captains, including Archer, Kirk, and Picard, have been legendary. This Haynes Manual provides in-depth information about these extraordinary ships, from the Enterprise NX-01, to Captain Kirk's Enterprise NCC-1701 and Captain Picard's Enterprise NCC-1701-D including histories of each vessel, technical information about their systems, and discussions of key technologies such as transporters and warp-speed travel. Find out exactly what powered these ships, how they were armed and what it took to operate them..." 

  RMS Titanic 1909-12 (Olympic Class) : owners' workshop manual : an insight into the design, construction and operation of the most famous passenger ship of all time.
   "Beginning with a brief overview of the Titanic story, the majority of the work covers technical information including a detailed anatomy of the ship, its propulsion navigation and safety systems and an engineer's look at the specification of the vessel."

  Star Wars: The Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual.
   "This Haynes Manual traces the model history of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's YT series of spaceships and the development of the YT-1300 model line before focusing on the Millennium Falcon, itself a modified YT-1300. Onboard systems, controls, and their operation are described in detail and supported by a host of photographs, line art, floor plans, exploded diagrams, and stunning computer-generated artwork."

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