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Missouri's No Call List, It's For Cell Phones Too

Most of us are aware of the Missouri's No Call list for landline numbers, but did you know that you can put your cell phone number on that list as well? As of June 2012 the Missouri Attorney General's office allows Missouri residents to register their cell phone numbers online or by calling 866-No Call 1 (866-662-2551). 

The Missouri No Call list is updated quarterly. Every three months the Attorney General's office sends the most recent batch of registrations out to the telemarketers. To see how quickly your registration will take effect view the schedule on the Attorney General's frequently asked questions page.

Keep in mind that there is a National Do Not Call Registry as well as Missouri's Do Not Call list. Confused which one to sign up for? Most sources recommend signing up for both. The National Do Not Call Registry is managed by the Federal Trade Commission and has included cell phone numbers since 2003. Missouri's No Call list is managed by the Missouri Attorney General's office. In explaining the differences between the two lists, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that "the state law has more enforcement behind it" and that "his office is more aggressive in responding to violators on the local level."

What happens if you keep getting calls? If you continue to receive calls and texts to your cell phone from telemarketers first check the registration lookup to confirm that your number was successfully registered. The Attorney General's office can't take action on your behalf if your number is not on the list. Also be sure that you're not doing business with the offending telemarketer. The No Call list doesn't protect you from calls from organizations with which you have a business relationship. Once you've confirmed that your number is on the list you can complete a No Call Complaint Form. A telemarketer who violates the law could face a civil penalty of up to $5,000 for each knowing violation.

For more information, visit the No Call list page

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