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Family Connectedness in a Technical World

Technology is facilitating families' quality time together.

The 2008 Pew report, "Networked Families," suggests that the debate over technology as isolator versus technology as connector is winding down. The study found that even when a family owns multiple computers or televisions they share screen time instead of heading off into separate rooms. More parents claim that their family today is as close, if not closer, than their families growing up as a result of technology.

Today's parents are tech-involved. The way parents use technology increasingly mirrors the way their children use it--from playing video games, to social networking, to downloading music and videos. In another Pew report it was found that 86% of teens play video games and 34% of them say their parents play games with them. 88% say their parents know which games they play.

Technology is affecting family life. Families will continue to increase their tech savviness, pushing the boundaries of interactivity.

Here are some ideas on how you can use technology to bring your family together:

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