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Walking…the thing to do since 1862

 The healthful benefits of excercise is nothing new as seen in this newspaper article titled “Walking” from The Morning Herald, St. Joseph, Missouri, July 4, 1862, page 1

Of all forms of exercise, walking is the most useful, as it brings into play the greatest number of muscles, without unnatural strain upon any.  It also leaves free scope in the external senses, while allowing of simultaneous occupation of the mind.  Another advantage is that it admits of complete regulation, both in degree and duration, according to the strength, time or wishes of each individual.  Those who have weak lungs, or heart, must be satisfied with gentle walking, and on level ground.  Although conducive to mental activity, it is often advisable to keep the mind free from severe or sustained thought when walking.  Hence, the advantage of a companion with whom cheerful conversation can be kept up or observing surrounding objects, whether in town or country, so as to divert the mind from study and care.  The pursuits of natural history are good in this way, and hence, also the chief hygienic of shooting and field sports, excitement and diversion of mind accompanying the actual exercise.  Those who are engaged in business, where the dwelling and the place of business are at a distance from their place of residence, ought to walk at least part of the way, both in the morning and afternoon, if confined within doors during the day.  Literary and professional men ought to walk more than they generally do.  The time is not lost, as the mind will always be revived to work with greater energy.  The brain will do as much work in one hour, when there is a fine glow of pure oxygenated blood, as in double time, when the nervous system is exhausted, and the veins congested with dark blood.  Artificial stimulants may quicken thought for a time; but their effect diminishing by habit, the quantity has to be increased, and injury in other ways is done to the system.

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