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Bicycling in the Ozarks

With all the emphasis lately on "going green" as well as the shaky economy, bicycles are rapidly becoming a source of gas-free transportation as well as inexpensive recreation. 

Bicycling to work is not only great for the environment, but personal health as well. If you're thinking about commuting by bike, the city of Springfield has created a map of designated safe routes for you to travel by. The League of American Bicyclists has created a website of commuting tips. Here's a few more things to consider before taking the leap into bike commuting:

It's important to remember however, that bicyclists have to follow the rules of the road just as drivers.  There are both statewide and city-wide laws for bicycles.  Review them here before you hit the streets!

For recreation, it's hard to beat a bike ride on a beautiful Ozarks evening.  If you're looking for a nice relaxing ride in and around Springfield on a wide, well-lit path, the Ozarks Greenways trails are free and open to the public. 

Once you feel you've advanced, there are a few larger trails outside of Springfield that many avid bicyclists enjoy. 

Three local clubs sponsor group rides and other activities to quench their thirst for riding.

Several shops in town specialize in bicycle sales and service.  They have excellent websites you can browse and can answer questions you might have about bicycle maintenance, repair, or purchase!

The Springfield Greene County Library system has all types of books to feed your bicycle cravings.  Check out these great titles on biking.




Be safe, wear a helmet, and have fun!

Bike Missouri!

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