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Is There Still a Crazed Camel in Our Midst?

Last week's entry looked at the "reanimation" of dead or dormant brands, certainly an interesting and reminiscent aspect of marketing.  Some brands, however, only seem to have gone away.

In the late Eighties the Campbell 66 trucking line, a long-standing local presence, disappeared in a spectacularly messy and highly publicized debacle.  The sprawling terminal area on East Chestnut sat empty for some time; the structures were torn down and the property redeveloped several years ago.  For those new to the area, too young to remember, or who want to take a trip down memory lane, check out this web site.

Other than seeing a delapidated trailer sitting in a field every now and then, all trace of the company seems to be gone.  Yet the company (at least some version of it) still exists!  The trademark is still protected as well.

Whether we're likely to actually see Snortin' Norton rolling along the interstate and Humpin' to Please anytime soon is an open question, but his wacked-out expression will grace collectibles for years to come.

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