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What's New 2

Last week I pointed out some of the timely business and finance titles added to our collection in just one week.  This week I'll concentrate on some of another week's titles, those for the week that ended August 7th.

In addition to reliability, lack of bias, and timeliness, we also look to meet a variety of needs and interests.  The New Influencers examines the marketing and PR implications of blogs and other Web-based social media; viral marketing and consumer interaction are just a part of this new dynamic.  Approaching marketing from a very diffent standpoint, Selling When No One Is Buying contends that the correct mix of confidence, finesse, and dedication are far more important than woes that the Dow may be experiencing.  How to Instantly Connect with Anyone addresses that finesse issue, whether you're on the phone, using email, or meeting and greeting.  But don't be victimized by The Bully at Work; identify allies, build confidence, and stand up to the tormentor!

On the financial front, Recession-Proof Your Financial Life by protecting your job, getting out of debt, and safeguarding and building assets.  And if you're a One-Income Household, financial hardship doesn't have to be an inevitable reality.

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