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The Legend of Springlawn Farm

 Gates at Springlawn Farm 1999.  Donated by a patron.The Sheedy property, or Springlawn Farm, off North National near Greenlawn Cemetery is often called the "Albino Farm".

Various unfounded legends have evolved over the years, some stemming from stories of an unfriendly caretaker with albinism, while other stories allude to a family or group of individuals with albinism, either living or being held captive on a farm. The sources apparently were local school children’s imaginations.

A biography of Mike Sheedy can be found in “Past and Present of Greene County Missouri” by Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Tuck, and a brief account of the legend of the Albino Farm may be found on page 29 of "Missouri Ghosts" by Joan Gilbert.

Recently another story about an "Albino cemetery" at the Sheedy Farm has come to the attention of the Local History & Genealogy Department staff. According to the Greene County Missouri Cemeteries, Vol. IX (Campbell Township & Springfield): “It has been reported that there was a cemetery north of Greenlawn Cemetery on the “Old Sheedy Farm”. After lengthy research, no evidence has been found of a cemetery at this location."

 Foundation of a structure at Springlawn Farm 1999. Donated by a patron.For more information, see Underground Ozarks: Springlawn Farm (Albino Farm) or visit the Library Center to see our clipping file or newspapers on microfilm of articles about Springlawn Farm.

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