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The Twelve Days of Christmas from the Library

If you have been gifted items from the Twelve Days of Christmas carol, these books, albums, and videos may come in handy.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

What's Wrong with my Fruit Garden by David C Deardorff

Counsels fruit gardeners on how to diagnose a range of plant problems, providing growth portraits and organic solutions for treating thirty-seven popular berry, nut and fruit-producing plants.


Two Turtle Doves

 The island of doves by Kelly O'Connor McNees

The story of two women in early nineteenth century America--one typical of her time, one extraordinary for it--who transform each other's lives.



Three French Hens

 Extraordinary chickens by Stephen Green

An introduction to the world of exotic ornamental chickens. The book contains photographs of chickens of all shapes and sizes, including the Bearded Silkie, the crested Polish and the majestic Phoenix.


 Four Calling Birds

 Why birds sing : a journey through the mystery of bird song by David Rothenberg

The astonishing richness of birdsong is both an aesthetic and a scientific mystery. Evolutionists have never been able to completely explain why birdsong is so inventive and why many species devote so many hours to singing. Is it possible that birds sing because they like to?


Five Golden Rings

 Rings : jewelry of power, love and loyalty by Diana Scarisbrick

This is the first book devoted exclusively to rings to consider them thematically rather than chronologically. The author brings her rich historical and literary knowledge to bear as she considers signets. She helps us delight in them as works of art, and she makes their context come alive through paintings, drawings and vivid quotations.

Six Geese A-laying

 The illustrated guide to ducks and geese and other domestic fowl : how to choose them, how to keep them by Celia Lewis

With just a little land and available water, you can raise a variety of domestic fowl, from friendly ducks and characterful geese to guineafowl, dainty quail, placid turkeys or even peafowl. Illustrated with the author's charming watercolour paintings, this book is packed with practical tips on keeping domestic fowl and selecting the right breed for your circumstances.

Seven Swans A-swimming

 Seven Swans by Sufjan Stevens

A folk rock album released 2004 that includes songs about Christian spiritual themes, figures such as Abraham and Christ's Transfiguration. The songs are primarily lush acoustic compositions with Stevens' banjo.



Eight Maids A-milking

 Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

A collection of poetry and prose about survival. The book is divided into four chapters each serving a different purpose. The book takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds the sweetness in the because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.


Nine Ladies Dancing

 American Dance: the Complete Illustrated History by Margaret Fuhrer

From Native American dance rituals to dance in the digital age, this book explores centuries of innovation, individual genius and collaborative exploration. Breakdancing, musical-theater dance, disco, ballet, jazz, ballroom, modern, hula, the Charleston, the Texas two-step, swing, these are just some of the forms celebrated in this riveting volume and hundreds of photographs accompanying the text.

Ten Lords A-leaping

 Lord of the Dance: My Story by Michael Flatley

As the spirited step dancer and international star fo Riverdance, Michael Flatley shattered records, silenced doubters, revolutionized and ancient dance form, and brought joy to millions of people worldwide. This book is the very personal story of a man who has lived life to the fullest according to his own crede: Nothing is impossible.

Eleven Pipers Piping

 The Bagpipes and Drums of Scotland by Various Artists

Recordings of the Parade of Pipers with eight Scottish pipe bands. Featuring Queen Victoria School Pipe Band, Edinburgh Police Pipe Band,  Queens Own Highlanders Pipe & Drums, Red Hackle Pipes & Drums, Invergordon Distillery Pipe Band, Glasgow Police Pipe band, Bilston Glen Pipe Band and Massed Pipes & Drums.


Twelve Drummers Drumming

 Your First Drum Lesson by Don Lombardi

Whether you're a beginner, an amateur or a pro, this DVD will be the foundation of your drumming career. Cameo appearances by legendary teachers Joe Morello, Murray Spivack, Louie Bellson and Henry Adler are included. Don Lombardi hosts lessons 3, 4 and 6.






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