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Local History

FAA building

Springfield News & Leader, January 22, 1961.

"Gerald O. Reaves, left, an FAA electronics specialist, is shown outside the odd-looking VORTAC building on north Highway 13. The dome houses rotating antennas for beams which guide pilots to the station and, in planes with proper equipment, tell them how far they are from the station.


"Bob Punzell, right, FAA electro-mechanical section chief whose job includes maintenance of the lighting system, is shown adjusting one of the 223 lights. Most of the lights are located on five-light bars, extending about 3,000 feet off the south end of runway 1. It takes 2400 volts of electricity, stepped down from 4160, to run the lights.


"A high intensity approach lighting system, left, used in conjunction with the instrument landing system looks like this to pilots on final approach. The lights, their five stages of brightness controlled from the airport tower, are used in murky day and nighttime operations. For this picture, taken in bright sunshine, they were turned on to full brilliance, where they can be left for only 15 minutes at a time without overloading power facilities. "

Photos by Betty Love. Article by Hank Billings

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