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Planting Seeds

With the last hard frost of the season behind us it’s time to get out and get gardening! With the onset of spring and the opening of our Heirloom Seed Library this month its time to start growing again. Below are books on vegetable gardening in all its stages. From seed to produce, and all the upkeep in between, these books should give you the drive and confidence to begin again or start for the very first time your own garden.  


The Beginner's guide to growing heirloom vegetables : the 100 easiest-to-grow, tastiest vegetables for you garden by Marie Iannotti

The Beginner's Guide to Growing Heirloom Vegetables highlights the 100 heirloom vegetables that are the easiest to grow and the tastiest to eat. Marie Iannotti makes it simple for beginning gardeners to jump on the heirloom trend by presenting an edited list based on years of gardening trial and error. Her plant criteria is threefold: The 100 plants must be amazing to eat, bring something unique to the table, and—most importantly—they have to be unfussy and easy to grow.


Growing perfect vegetables : a visual guide to raising and harvesting prime garden produce

In Growing Perfect Vegetables, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful photos that show you exactly how produce should look when perfectly ripe, and ready for picking and buying. This handy book provides crucial information, including optimal planting and harvesting times for more than 60 fruits and vegetables.



1,519 all-natural, all-amazing gardening secrets : expert tips for gardens and yards of all sizes

Did you know that pepper will repel squirrels and coffee grounds leaf-eating insects? That a little liquid soap adds punch to fertilizers and pesticides? Or that the best time to cut roses is early morning or late evening? You'll find lots of secrets from the experts like these in this handy new guide. From rescuing tired tomato plants to keeping lawn weeds at bay, these tricks will have you working magic in your garden--with less effort, less time, and less money!


Biodynamic gardening by Monty Waldin 

Biodynamic gardening is a totally organic approach to revitalizing your garden. It improves plant health and makes your garden more naturally resistant to pests and diseases. It aims to increase the yield and intensify the flavor of your produce, makes your flowers vibrant and colorful, attracts beneficial wildlife, and is kind to the environment.



Gardening with heirloom seeds : tried-and-true flowers, fruits, and vegetables for a new generation by Lynn Coulter

Gardening with Heirloom Seeds serves as a resource for gardeners, cooks, and plant lovers of all levels of expertise who want to know more about finding, sharing, and propagating the seeds of heirloom flowers, fruits, and vegetables.



Heirloom plants : a complete compendium of heritage vegetables, fruits, herbs & flowers by Thomas Etty & Lorraine Harrison

Based on the extensive seed catalogs of Thomas Etty, the popular heirloom seedsman, Heirloom Plants includes information on almost 500 exciting cultivars to be grown and harvested, along with detailed profiles and cultivation tips for each plant.



The Timber Press guide to vegetable gardening in the Midwest by Michael VanderBrug

There is nothing more regionally specific than vegetable gardening—what to plant, when to plant it, and when to harvest are decisions based on climate, weather, and first frost. The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Midwest, by regional expert Michael VanderBrug, focuses on the unique eccentricities of the Midwest gardening calendar. The month-by-month format makes it perfect for beginners and accessible to everyone—gardeners can start gardening the month they pick it up.



Urban agriculture : ideas and designs for the new food revolution by David Tracey

The farm of the future might be your neighbor's suburban lawn, the roof of your uptown condominium, or the co-op market garden in the vacant lot down the street. Urban Agriculture is a detailed look at the next logical step in the local food movement. It offers inspirational advice and working examples to help you dig in and become more self-sufficient with your own food choices.


The seed garden : the art and practice of seed saving by Micaele Colley & Jared Zystro

Filled with advice for the home gardener and the more seasoned horticulturist alike, The Seed Garden: The Art and Practice of Seed Saving provides straightforward instruction on collecting seed that is true-to-type and ready for sowing in next year’s garden. With clear instructions, lush photographs, and easy-to-comprehend profiles on individual vegetable crops, this book teaches us how to go about conserving these important varieties for future generations. Whether interested in simply saving seeds for home use or working to conserve rare varieties of beloved squashes and tomatoes, this book provides a deeper understanding of the art, the science, and the joy of saving seeds.

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