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State Normal School Halloween 1909

State Normal School Halloween 1909

“The Halloween reception given at the State Normal last evening was a most brilliant affair and the young ladies proved themselves very charming and successful hostesses. The spacious halls and several rooms were transformed into forests of autumn leaves, fortune telling booths and mystic chambers where spirits from the other world walk, during the evening. The guests were admitted at the front door by an [image] of Satan, dressed in the red uniform of his satanic majesty and in the dim candle light the guests were not sure whether they were being admitted to a Halloween celebration or other regions...the young men [were led] through dreaded darkened passages and finally to the large hall on the second floor, where the ‘Three Fates’ gave the gentlemen the names of their partners for the grand march. The walls of the hall were ornamented with black cats. The marble pillars were decorated with gorgeous autumn leaves, while strings of apples joined appropriate draperies at either end. One cozy room was fitted up as the devil’s booth and the guests entered ‘death’s door’ to have their names registered in red ink or which might have been blood. Following this they were eligible to [enter] the fortune teller’s camp, where a real gypsy revealed the future and told interesting and astonishing incidents of the past. In the ‘vision room’ the guests learned more of what fortune had in store for them, and the ‘Talking Oak’ answered all questions and made many problems clear in the minds of the participants. One large room was particularly attractive in crimson shaded lights and boughs of gay leaves which made a picturesque background for the somber looking witches who served refreshments. About three hundred guests were present to enjoy this most unique and charming affair.”

Leader, October 31, 1909

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