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Roller skating

 Bias magazine
October 17, 1951

"Good clean healthful fun.  That's roller skating -- and there's lots of it in Springfield and the older folks go for it as well as the youngsters, as our cover picture [left] shows.  It was taken one night last week at the Star Roll Arena, while a get acquainted party was in progress.  A suprising number of Springfield youngsters have become professional skaters and after hard practice on local rinks, have joined travelling companies. 


"Girls like Miss LaVange[sic] Sanders, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sanders of 1628 North Main, who will be here next month with a touring company.  Much of their skill has come from training by Betty Hand and her husband, The Roll Arena's professionals, who are shown [at right] in a graceful turn." 

According to the 1952 Springfield City Directory the Roll Arena was located at 2127 S. GlenstoneA timeline history of roller skating can be found on Wikipedia. 

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