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Galentine's Day: Celebrating Female Friendships

Sure, you've heard of Valentine's Day but what about Galentine's Day? Galentine's Day is all about celebrating female friendships and the books in this list do just that.

Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao
A searing, electrifying debut novel set in India and America, about a once-in-a-lifetime friendship between two girls who are driven apart but never stop trying to find one another again. Alternating between the girls' perspectives as they face ruthless obstacles, Shobha Rao's "Girls Burn Brighter" introduces two heroines who never lose the hope that burns within.

My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: A Memoir by Amy Silverstein
In this moving memoir about the power of friendship and the resilience of the human spirit, Amy Silverstein tells the story of the extraordinary group of women who supported her as she waited on the precipice for a life-saving heart transplant.

Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane
At forty, May Attaway is more at home with plants than people. Over the years, she's turned inward, finding pleasure in language, her work as a gardener, and keeping her neighbors at arm's length while keenly observing them. But when she is unexpectedly granted some leave from her job, May is inspired to reconnect with four once close friends. She knows they will never have a proper reunion, so she goes, one-by-one, to each of them. A student of the classics, May considers her journey a female Odyssey.

Text Me When You Get Home: The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship by Kayleen Schaefer
After joyful nights out together, female friends say this to one another as a way of cementing their love. It's about safety but, more than that, it's about solidarity. A validation of female friendship unlike any that's ever existed before, "Text Me When You Get Home" is a mix of historical research, the author's own personal experience, and conversations about friendships with women across the country.

The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin
An intimate portrait of the close friendship and powerful creative partnership between two of Hollywood's earliest female superstars: Frances Marion and Mary Pickford. This is a novel about power: the power of women during the exhilarating early years of Hollywood, and the power of forgiveness. It's also about the imbalance of power, then and now, and the sacrifices and compromises women must make in order to succeed. And at its heart, it's a novel about the power of female friendship.

The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See
This beautiful, thoughtful novel illuminates a world turned upside down, one where the women are in charge, engaging in dangerous physical work, and the men take care of the children. A classic Lisa See story--one of women's friendships and the larger forces that shape them--"The Island of Sea Women" introduces readers to the fierce and unforgettable female divers of Jeju Island and the dramatic history that shaped their lives.

Work Wife: The Power of Female Friendship to Drive Successful Businesses by Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur
In "Work Wife", Claire and Erica bring to light the unique power of female friendship to fuel successful businesses, drawing on their own experiences as well as the stories of other "work wives" who run their own companies. Fun, enlightening, and informative, "Work Wife" is a celebration of female friendship and collaboration that proves it's possible--and profitable--to mix BFFs with business.

You're the Only One I Can Tell: Inside the Language of Women's Friendships by Deborah Tannen
Best friend, old friend, good friend, bff, college roommate, neighbor, workplace confidante: Women's friendships are a lifeline in times of trouble and a support system for daily life. A friend can be like a sister, daughter, mother, mentor, therapist, or confessor--or she can be all of these at once. She's seen you at your worst and celebrates you at your best. Author Deborah Tannen deconstructs the ways women friends talk and how those ways can bring friends closer or pull them apart.


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