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A Christmas Tree Talk

 Click for larger imageAn example of shape or concrete poetry in newspapers.  These seemed especially popular near Christmas time.  This one is adorned with exclamation marks for candles.

From the Bethany Clipper (Harrison county), Mo., December 15, 1911, no page number.

Sleigh bells peal with merry jingle, church bells set the air a-tingle, while with these the door bells mingle in a syncopated score.

There's the sound of happy greeting as acquaintances are meeting; there's the knell of Christmas fleeting as the clocks strike o'er and o'er.

Johnnie's trumpet's shrieking shrilly, Philip's drum and fife's not still; he makes attempt to drown, but illy, sounds of guns that outside roar.

There's the squeak of Mollie's dolly and the squawk of Dollie's polly and the screams of laughter jolly from the happy little four.

But above all Christmas noises made by little girls and boys, is one that better than all toys is; more good cheer it holds in store.

Tis the sound of mother pitchin' things about out in the kitchen as she calls (she knows we're itchin') "Come to dinner!" through the door.

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