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The Pythian Home of Missouri

 Drawing from the newspaper articleSpotted by a patron who was researching family history; from the Bethany, Mo. Clipper (Harrison County), November 24, 1911, unpaged.

The Grand Lodge, Knight of Pythias of Missouri, officered by Dan B. Herider, of Slater, Grand Chancellor; Joseph H. Crites, of Rolla, Grand Vice Chancellor; W. T. Robinson, of LaPlata, Grand Prelate; Herman Roleke, of Bethany, Grand master of E.; J. H. Holmes, of St. Louis, Grand Keeper of R. and S.; L.H. Kelsey, of St. Joseph, Grand Master at Arms; Sam H. Hutchinson, of Kansas City, Grand Inner Guard; J. R. Davis, Nevada, Grand Outer Guard; has commenced active building operation of their magnificent home for the indigent members, wives, widows and orphans of their Order at Springfield, Mo.  This great work is placed in the hands of a Board of Managers, preside over by Hon. Joseph H. Hawthorne, of Kansas City; H.W. Belding, of Webster Grove; W. D. Settle, of Fayette; Samuel H. Woodson, of Independence; Tom Armstrong, of Springfield.

The location of this Home is upon a beautiful plat of ground of fifty-two acres inside of the city limits of Springfield, which grounds were given by the business men of that enterprising place, at the junction of Fremont and George streets, within a mile of the courthouse, in the eastern part of the city and in close reach to Carnegie Library, Dewey [sic] College, Public and High school and the business part of the place and in direct line of the trend of the city's future growth and development.  Gas, water, telephone, electric light, streetcar and sewer systems are now extended to the grounds.  The main building will be 200 x 120 feet and will be adapted to taking care of both children and old people to the capacity of one hundred persons, outside of employees.

The entire cost of buildings, consisting of main buildings and one dormitory and power plant building, boilers, laundry machinery, heating plant, plumbing and electric lighting will be $100,000.  This amount is now on hand and the home will be completed and dedicated in 1913, free from any debts.  The money has been raised by the membership by special assessments, for a number of years back.

The buildings are to be thoroughly fire proof and first class in every respect.  The exterior will be of native stone in a beautiful ruble masonry and the plans are so drawn as to easily construct future two story wings and extensions without marring or injuring the beauty and effect of the plan as a whole.  The style of structure is medieval, the Castle effect of the middle ages, when ancient knighthood was in bloom.  The architects are Smith, Rea & Lovitt, of Kansas City; and the contractors are John H. Stuuon & Son, of Bethany, Mo.

[Note: George Street is now called Pythian Street]

For a short history of the home see our book The Pythian Home of Missouri by W. D. Settle.  This book does not check out but can be read in the Local History department at the Library Center.  We also have a clippings file for the Pythian Castle at the Library Center.

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