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Small Space Gardening

It was last year in quarantine that a lot of us tried things to occupy our time. For some, it was baking, cleaning out their houses, or even the joy of taking a walk. This year isn't much different. We are still living in the pandemic and learning new things to socially distance ourselves from others. The art of gardening is one of the fulfilling things you can do with your time. It offers many things beyond just growing food. It teaches us to have patience and creates a good habit that will continue to educate us. Some of us don't have the space to have a beautiful, big garden. These books help to deal with the space issue. Also, don't forget the Seed Library that we offer. It will give you a good start to the season!

Gardening Your Front Yard : Projects and Ideas for Big & Small Spaces by Tara Nolan
Gardening Your Front Yard is an active, inspiring resource that shows you how to treat your front yard like a backyard without sacrificing beauty, from choosing the right plants to building front patios and walkways. With her unique combination of DIY/building savvy and gardening expertise, author Tara Nolan weaves you past the main pitfalls you may encounter when trying to fit a garden or gardens between your home and the street. This beautiful and comprehensive book shows how to accomplish several hardscape projects, such as building front patios, borders, edging, and walkways, as well as making your own raised beds, planting containers, trellises, rose arbors, privacy screens, and more-all custom-designed for the rigors of front-yard gardening.

Grow. Food. Anywhere. by Mat Pember
Grow. Food. Anywhere. is the must-have guide for anyone who has ever had a desire to grow their own food. Authors Mat and Dillon, of the Little Veggie Patch Co. provide a comprehensive and authoritative guide to gardening in any space, all in their own unique and entertaining style. Whether you've got a balcony, a tiny courtyard, or a patch of reclaimed dirt in a shared neighborhood space, this book offers inspiration - and instruction - for growing good things to eat. The book has three sections: What Plants Need; Fruit and Veg to Grow; and Pests and Diseases to Know . These chapters cover everything from: why soil matters; composting; how to make a wicking garden; how to select the right growing style; what to plant and when; harvesting; troubleshooting; pruning; and more. Grow. Food. Anywhere. is presented with a combination of photographs, illustrations, and a playful, engaging design that very much mirrors the refreshing no-nonsense approach of the book's two accomplished and articulate young authors, and their thriving gardening business.

Modern Container Gardening : How to Create a Stylish Small-Space Garden Anywhere by Isabelle Palmer
Whether you have a roof terrace, a tiny balcony or just a window sill, there's no excuse not to do some gardening. In Modern Container Gardening, Isabelle Palmer shows just how easy it is to get started in the garden - and how to make the most of every little space. Modern Container Gardening is the perfect book for novice gardeners who are looking to make the most of the space that that they have. The chapters include the basics, how to make a garden in a day, one-pot wonders, window boxes and finishing touches. It contains a mix of small gardens, singular containers and window boxes, all of which are stylish and easy to manage. This is an accessible book for anyone looking to start gardening.

No-Waste Organic Gardening : Eco-Friendly Solutions to Improve Any Garden by Shawna Coronado
Covering dozens of ways to recycle and repurpose your way to a successful organic garden, No-Waste Organic Gardening shows you how to be a smart, responsible gardener.

Small Garden Style : A Design Guide for Outdoor Rooms and Containers by Isa Hendry Eaton
A stylishly photographed guide to creating lush, layered, dramatic little gardens no matter the size of your available space--an urban patio, a tiny backyard, or even just a pot by your door. Petite gardens align with the movement to live smaller and create a life with less stuff and more room for living. But a more eco-friendly and efficient space doesn't have to sacrifice style.

The complete idiot's guide to small space gardening by Chris McLaughlin
Grow the garden you want in the space you have! This guide gives you all the knowledge you need to sow, tend, and reap the rewards of a small-space garden.


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